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Friday, 07 March 2014 15:28

At the Same Time

Sweltering humid noon but the sunshine smiles on the faces of the hosts as well as the guests.

The OBV organization had never welcomed a such crowded delegation. Usually only Uncle or Mother visited, but today it was special. At the same time, there were Grandpa, Uncles, Aunts in the OBV organization, volunteering spouses Dinh and Thu from Australia, and also Dad and Aunt of the victimized child.

The Spouses Dinh – Thu learned about the OBV organization through the information on the website. With the goals of charity work, the couples had read a lot of posts of OBV. They had tried to contact the founder and determined to visit the OBV children when visiting Vietnam and planned to stay for ten days to help the children in their areas of expertise.

At the same time, the whole family welcomed the child H, who would turn to 15-year-old this year and was forced to sell to Malaysia. She was so afraid that had fled to Cambodia to refuge in the father side's family. After that, She was housed in the OBV facility in Cambodia in two weeks, and today the OBV director, Cam, had facilitated to transport here back to the OBV facility in Vietnam.

Mother Ngoc, OBV management team, welcomes new family member to the OBV in Vietnam

Management team guided the child to every room in the facility so the child got comfortable. The team had appointed an older child as her "Big Sister". However, she could not avoid feeling homesick. She was sad and crying. Sisters in the home had come comforting.

She loved the hairdressing career. Before the career training, the management team wanted her to be familiar with the environment around the OBV family. To steer her from homesick, Aunt Thu had trained the skills of tailoring to her. She was having fun.

Aunt Thu is guiding the child H using the sewing machine

Wished the children knew how to embrace the love and the sacrifice of the Volunteering couples that will be trying to learn what they had taught.

The spouses are imprinting the hand on the Memorabilia wall of OBM facility

Hope that new conceived children accept new joy in life under the loving caring of OBV family to forget the adversity they faced before.

Feb 12, 2014


Translated by Tuyen Nguyen.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Cùng Một Lúc"

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