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Monday, 03 March 2014 15:54

Exciting Reunion


Kelly – holding the wallet – is taking picture with friends at OBV office in Vietnam

In exchanging conversations before the meeting, this guest had been always expressing the eagerness and excitement when coming to see the OBV children, so she had arrived earlier than the schedule. And that was Ms. Kelly and her friends from Canada.

Quynh Anh - in white shirt, OBV staff – is directing the volunteers sign confidentiality documents ...

Ms Kelly previously had visited OBV and taught the children the art of hairdressing and makeup, because she has been a professional expert in Canada. The OBV children has been embracing her dearly.

When the guests had just arrived at the gate, some kids who were playing in the courtyard saw them and instantly recognized Ms. Kelly. They rushed to greet her profusely. They remembered vividly their intimate encounters with her, what the conversations were all about ... making her surprised and touched.

After Nun Ngoc guided to tour new OBV home and they had the cozy warmth meal, gather with the children, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Tuyen, Mr. Tri presented the gifts and instructed the children how to craft the balloons into the shape of cute animals that they love.

The guests hang around with the children until the afternoon after leaving in the emotional attachment. They and the children were making the future appointment, as well as reminding the children to remember to practice the "assignments" she gave so for the next coming visit she will "check".

OBV Vietnam

Translated by Tuyen Nguỵen.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Phấn Khởi Ngày Gặp Lại"

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