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Friday, 30 December 2011 17:44

End of year letter

End of year

We are happy to report that through God’s blessings, and you lending your voice and hands, we are stronger than ever and are on our way back to Cambodia

Altanta, GA Christmas 2011

To all our supporters and benefactors,

We at One Body Village are extremely blessed by your continued support over the past year. We cannot exist without you and, on behalf of our children, are sincerely grateful from the bottom of our hearts. We are happy to report that through God’s blessings, and you lending your voice and hands, we are stronger than ever and are on our way back to Cambodia. Our regional director, Mrs. Hong Duong, has written a report regarding the year 2011 – you can visit our website for further details. (Please click here)

Wednesday, 07 December 2011 01:07

China arrests 600 in huge child trafficking bust


Photo illustration. Chinese police have busted two huge child trafficking rings 

Chinese police have busted two huge child trafficking rings that spanned 10 provinces, arresting more than 600 suspects and rescuing 178 children, the government said Wednesday. 

Monday, 10 October 2011 00:01

Condolence Letter

Condolence letter

Condolence Letter

Dear Mrs. Duong Thuy Hong,

On behalf of OBV's Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers, I would like to express my deepest condolences to you on your recent loss.  Although I do not know your  grandfather well, through you, I can envision how great a person he must be.  Loosing a loved one can be extremely difficult to deal with and no comfort is quite sufficient to replace the loss.  I wanted to let you know that I and everyone else within OBV are thinking of you and praying for the soul of Mr. Joseph to soon be united with Christ in His Heavenly Kingdom.
With profound sympathy,
Nga Vu, MD
Chair Woman
One Body Village

Tuesday, 04 October 2011 22:44

OBV Wichita Video!

Wichita video

Be Their Voice

Your voice, my voice, our voice are the voices for the voiceless! We, One Body Village, is grateful for all people who has helped us to be the voice for these Sex Slaved Children! We especially thank the young people in Wichita, KS, we cannot do it without your hands and your voice! Thank you for “BE A VOICE – and LEND a HAND – YOU are MAKING THE DIFFERENCE!”.

Monday, 25 July 2011 07:52

Our Lady of Lavang – July 30th, 2011

Our Lady of Lavang

Come to listen to Father Martino 3 talks - two of the three are about the Gift of Human Sexuality - and also buy some Stop children sex slavery T-shirts and CDs!

See the program for more deails!

Fr Martino

Fr. Martino’s story inspiration for others

AMERICUS — Father Martino Nguyen has served for the past seven years as an assistant priest, now he is excited to serve as priest at two churches he can call his own, St. Mary’s Catholic Church on South Lee Street, Americus  and St. Michael’s on North Dooly Street in Montezuma.

Forever VN

The Vietnamese refugees have built a new heritage for the next generation within the United States.

In the Southern of California, the Vietnamese population has grown rapidly throughout the years, especially the Little Saigon area. However, behind the Vietnamese successful achievement, one should take a moment to ponder the situation of those stayed in Vietnam. That Saturday 7th May, 2011 was a meaningful day to me, who explored Little Saigon as a tour guide for the first time, and has discovered the meaning of being Vietnamese abroad.


Verlinda Vu - Miss Vietnam Washington 2010 -2011

My name is Verlinda Vu and I am currently a second-year nursing undergraduate at Seattle University , and I am an active supporter and advocate for One Body Village.


Dear all,

It's has been 2 months since we celebrated "Stop Child Slavery T-shirt Contest", we have received 48 designs from all over sent. There were many designs conveyed the message "Stop Child Sex Slavery" strongly; some designs were gently but not less meaningful.

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