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Verlinda Vu - Miss Vietnam Washington 2010 -2011

My name is Verlinda Vu and I am currently a second-year nursing undergraduate at Seattle University , and I am an active supporter and advocate for One Body Village.


Dear all,

It's has been 2 months since we celebrated "Stop Child Slavery T-shirt Contest", we have received 48 designs from all over sent. There were many designs conveyed the message "Stop Child Sex Slavery" strongly; some designs were gently but not less meaningful.

Dear friends, it is me, your friend and priest – Father Martino (AKA cha Thong),

 Though I am very tired, I cannot sleep because, I am hyped up!  I am still living in my “dream!”   Dr. Nga Vu (OBV’s chair) and I arrived in Toronto this afternoon for an awareness event to be the voice for the Children Sold into Sex Slavery!  We expected to have a crowd of 100 people!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010 04:40

Be a voice, lend a hand, make a difference


Office of the President,

August 23rd, 2010

Thank you anonymous donors,

This past Sunday, August 22nd 2010, Father Martino, received a “surprised” phone call from a “face book” friend!  The friend and his wife know about our “Stop Child Sex Slavery” T-shirt contest and want to help!  Since they are gifted with designs, they want to be the sponsor for the contest price!  Thank you!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010 17:24

Thank you!

logo2008On behalf of OBV and all the children we searve, I personally thank all of you for voting for OBV - though we did not lose - we did not win either! We are 200 vote short of getting $20,000.00! We will do better next year!

Blessings and peace

cha Thông

Friday, 18 December 2009 04:51

Christmas 2009 and new year’s 2010 letter


Christmas 2009 and New Year’s 2010


Our dearest friends and benefactors,

On behalf of One Body Village as well as our young orphaned and sexually abused children, we would like to wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year with your loved ones.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining us in our mission to better the lives of these children; offering them hope for the future.

As this wonderful season of joy approaches, this letter most likely finds you excitedly making celebration plans with friends and family.  These holidays, while you are surrounded by love and joy, young lives are still being shattered every day as children are being forced into sex slavery.  Thinking of they’re entrapment pains me, a wrenching heartache that has lasted more than a decade.

For more than ten years, we have tirelessly worked to both directly and indirectly save, nurture, and care for over 200 children and young adults.  Although it may seem like a large number, 200 children is barely scratching the surface … just a few grains on a sandy beach.  There are over 30,000 children in need of our help!  Many One Body Village children have been able to overcome their haunting past experiences, and have returned to happy, healthy, normal lifestyles.  This is our greatest accomplishment, and our greatest joy!  Thanks to all your help!

With this joy, comes great worry and concern.  This is the worry of nearly 30 young girls that we are caring for in One Body Village homes.  The projected cost of providing for these children and continuing our rescue endeavors in 2009 has grown to $100,000.  Currently, we are nearing the end of December and One Body Village has only managed to raise a little less than $70,000! Hopefully our girls will receive many “Christmas gifts” this year from all of you to help us continue our mission.

This January Father Martino, our founder, will once again embark on his yearly “vacation.”  Accompanying him this year are five motivated young adults, and we are certain they will all return with many tales to share!  We hope you will continue to support us into the future, not only monetarily, but spiritually as well through your prayers and emotional support.  Thank you for joining us in fighting for these girls, and continuing to be their voice.  May God bless you and your family this holiday season.

With grace and peace,



 Father Martino Nguyen Ba-Thong                                                                             Vu Kim Nga, MD

Founder                                                                                                                         Chairperson

Thursday, 11 December 2008 22:36

Haiti _October_2007

These pictures show Father Martino and the President of Saint Frances Cabrini Parish Council (Mike) and Business Manager (Brenda) in Haiti! They came to Haiti for one week visiting St. Frances "sister parishes!" We had heard how poor they were, and now we have seen. In Father Martino's own words, "I would not say this is the poorest I have seen, but this is one of the poorest parts of the world. They need help! Imagine a whole country has only ONE hospital opened from 8:00AM to 6:00PM." They have visited the people, shared the love, the financial assistance, the Mass and even a soccer game, where Father Martino scored 2 goals! Near the end of the game, Father Martino had an asthma atttack. Mike had to carry him back to the car on his back.
Untitled document

We spent these Vietnamese New Year days of 2007, away from home and our loved ones, with the ethics people in Kon Tum.We gathered the children and the adults at two different sites.These pictures conveyed the joy of the adults receiving a box of instant noodle and 50 pounds of rice!The rice and the noodle made their New Year celebration more meaningful - Why? Because they have food on their table!

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