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Wednesday, 06 April 2011 04:05

Verlinda Vu - Miss WA 2011 talks about her support for OBV

Verlinda Vu

Verlinda Vu

Dear Father Martino!

I have been trying to calling you for the last few weeks but it always goes directly to voicemail! In case you don't remember who I am, I am a huynh truong from Doan Xavie Can of Seattle, Wa and I was the one who called you in the middle of the night last year to ask you a few questions so I could write my paper on OBV, which I received an A on!

As you have heard, I recently was crowned Miss Vietnam Washington 2011. During this process, we were asked to each fundraise money and if we make make it in the Queen's court (Miss Vietnam WA, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up, Miss Congeniality, Miss Commerce), then we can donate a certain amount of money to our charity of

Of course right off the bat I picked OBV, for I have been supporting and raising awareness for it since I first heard you speak at Dai Hoi Nghia Si a few years back. Theresa Bui from my doan has informed that you would like me to write a few paragraphs explaining why I chose to support OBV.

I will gladly do so, so please allow me some time. My mother recently suffered from a stroke and has just been diagnosed with a very large tumor (as big as a watermelon!). During this time, I am very busy juggling school, being my mother's primary care taker, and fulfilling my responsibilities as Miss Vietnam WA. I promise I will send you a few paragraphs as soon as possible!

Did OBV receive the donation from the MVWA Organization?

Here is a link to a video of me talking about OBV that was on VietTv. Please excuse my Vietnamese!

I look forward to hearing from you!


Verlinda Vu


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