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We spent these Vietnamese New Year days of 2007 away from home and our loved ones, with the ethics people in Kon Tum. We gathered the children and the adults at two different sites. These pictures conveyed the joy of all they children - Wow! Don't they look so beautiful! Yes, they do! But don't you know that is the only good set of clothes they have! I only pray that children in the US have the same joy, thanksgiving, and grateful hearts as these children!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008 08:34

Cook for Tephan's house 2002

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These pictures were taken in 2002. A group of friends that included Father Martino (Ordained 2004 - Diocese of Savannah), Father John Tung (Ordained 2006 - Archdiocese of Washington), Father Paul Phu (Ordained 2006 - Archdiocese of Washington) and Doctor An Do (2008 - Atlanta, GA) prepared meals for Te Phan handicapped orphaned children!

Saturday, 14 March 2009 03:00

Who care about these girls?

Next to trafficking of money,drugs and guns, human trafficking is among the most profitable underground businesses in the world...

Every year, an estimated 4 millions women and girls are bought and sold worldwide... to be prostitutions, slavery or forced married... Who care about these girls?

Please follow the link below to have a look...

Who care about these girls?

(Await updated...)

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