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Thursday, 05 May 2016 00:00

Unlucky...Yet Happy

With bags in on both shoulders, bags in both hands, walking barefoot in the streets....he looked like a begger.

During an evening trip on January 12th 2010, I encountered a lady – originally from Phan Rang – who left for Saigon in hopes of finding a job. She asked me for some clothes for her child to have for Tết (the Lunar New Year). I happy agreed and promised her that I would deliver the clothes to her on the evening of January 14th.

As I was making my way to meet the lady, my sandals broke. I was at the point where I would be unable to return home to change into another pair. I continued on with bags loaded in both hands, bags on my shoulders, wearing shorts, a t-shirt and now, walking barefoot in the streets.

If anyone saw me, they would think I was a begger. People on the streets would look at me, then they would look at my bare feet. They must've though, "He probably just received some gifts for Tết and is on his way home." One gentleman on a motorbike asked if I needed a lift. I shook my head. He looked down at my feet and asked, "Where are your sandals???" "They broke!" I replied and continued on. He answered, "I have a pair, do you want them?" I turned my head and replied, "No, thank you." Inside I felt this odd sense of happiness and pleasure and oddly, I still feel these emotions now. Why? I'm not sure.

When I arrived, I gave the clothes to the lady. We sat and spoke for a bit and I showed her my bare feet. Feeling sympathetic for my journey, she said, "You walked here barefoot to come see me." She became emotional and proceeded to ask me about my God. I did not say much; however, I hope that the service I just provided would possibly bring her closer to God.

Lord, please continue to guide and walk alongside me through this journey in life so that I may be able to bring peace and happiness to the people and places that I encounter.

*Please note: Those sandals were not mine. Someone in the company took my sandals and traded them for these old, broken sandals. My pair of sandals did not have wings and yet flew away.

I thank the lady and thank this misfortune. Had it not been for the broken sandals I wouldn't have had a meaningful day like today. Thank you, thank you so much!

T. Liêm

Translated by MyHuong Duong.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Xui ... Nhưng Vui"

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