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Sunday, 07 February 2016 00:00

Mission Trip 2016 - Lao Cai - 1-31-2016

Our mission group spent the morning assisting Cha Thanh to distribute rice and warm jackets to 2 rural schools in Lao Cai today. Their families are extremely poor. Their education is supported by Cha Thanh's parish. Amazing! (Angela)

We accompanied local parishioners to two schools in Thai Nien to donate rice and warm jackets to Hmong children. They live in high mountain villages and walk for miles upon miles just to go to school. I met their families two years ago. They live in extremely poor conditions, such as limited access to power, electricity, or clean running water. Many children from these villages are vulnerable to sex trafficking or organ harvesting across the border to China. The local parish sponsors the Hmong children's entire education. OBV also educates families in these high risk villages about child sexual exploitation to prevent trafficking in children. Yesterday, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. I was born with freedom, privilege, and education. I'm free from oppression and coercion. These children were born already bound with chains. It seems as though their gloomy destiny is predetermined. On the other hand, I'm glad to be a part of One Body Village, part of the change, the movement, and the voice for these children.

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