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Wednesday, 03 February 2016 00:00

mission trip 2016 - Malaysia - 1-29-2016

Sometimes I forget "human trafficking" doesn't just mean minors who are being moved around the world for sexual purposes.

The human trafficking industry is a $150 billion dollar industry and covers sex worker, domestic workers, laborers and (probably most horrifying) the harvesting of organs.

Yesterday we met 2 babies. I could physically feel my heart break at the thought of these two babies (a 4 month old boy, an 18-month old girl) being born solely for the purpose of having their organs taken. In fact, the baby boy had already been "booked" for his organs while his mother (a 17 year old survivor of sex trafficking) was pregnant with him. Many of us held back tears as we struggled to understand what these kids had gone through...what would cause a person to be ok with doing this to anyone else, let alone a child.

Today we met a group of women, survivors of trafficking (both sexual and domestic workers). Most were from Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. All were rescued from their deplorable 'work' environments, and are waiting for the right paperwork to go through to go home.

With the upcoming Lunar New Year, we thought lighting fire crackers and making paper lanterns would be fun for them, however this only reminded them of home, and a few of the survivors broke down in tears.

One Body Village is extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with NGO Suka, who have taught us that trafficking is a deep issue that affects the whole world, with a lot of it happening underneath our noses.

As I finish up this mission, I can only hope that we as humans can step up together to put a stop to the abuse of children, the trafficking of our fellow humans, and prove humanity is better than this.

Terima kasih Suka, sampai jumpa lagi

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