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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 00:00

Mission Trip 2016 - Malaysia - 1-29-2016 by Angela

Today, we visited the women's protective shelter again to cook Pho for lunch. The Vietnamese women were so delighted, because they haven't tasted familiar flavours in months! While the others cooked, I gave an informal education session about hygiene and basic first aid. I knew it was successful because the women gave me all of their attention and kept asking questions. They were so grateful that I answered concerns about their health and I that discussed what was normal, what they should keep an eye on, and what needed medical attention. I wish I could do this everyday! Today, the women seemed more relaxed, at ease, and lowered their guard. They are beyond jaded because they have been deceived and abused. I am so happy that in a short two days, we have developed friendship and trust. I hope that they will make it home to their families soon. Thank you to organisations like Suka who support these women on a daily basis.

By Angela

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