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Monday, 01 February 2016 00:00

mission trip 2016 - Malaysia 1-28-2016

We visited one of four shelters for human trafficking survivors in Malaysia who are older than 18 (or claim to be). Of the 42 women, 23 were Vietnamese survivors of sex trafficking. Others were from India, Thailand, and China who also survived sex trafficking, as well as labour trafficking and abusive domestic servitude. We brought firecrackers and lanterns to celebrate Lunar New Year, but it only reminded the women of their homeland. They cried inconsolably as they missed their families. The women came from all walks of life with different circumstances that led them down a dark and torturous path. Along the way, they met monsters who held them captive, abused them, forced and coerced them to work and serve men in deplorable conditions. Now they wait in this protective shelter for trial and for freedom. They yearn to be reunited with their families. It's a long waiting game.

By Angela

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