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Sunday, 31 January 2016 00:00

mission trip 2016 - Malaysia 1-27-2016

Shopping tourism has, and probably always will be, a thing. From jade markets in Beijing, coconut farms in Nha Trang, or even Woodbury Commons in NYC, it's possible for you to jump on a bus (or car or any other method of transportation such as tuk tuk), and you will dropped off to your location of desire.

Imagine then, if you enter a country where pedophile tourism is a thing. It is an ACTUALLY A THING.
You can go to these countries and a tuk tuk driver will actually deliver you to a place where you can buy a child for a night. On this trip we witnessed tuk tuk drivers actually approaching anyone who (unfortunately ) fits the profile of a pedophile and ask "you like young girl? I have! 14 year, have!! 12 year, have!"

A child of any age you want for $80 frickin bucks. A NIGHT.

It disgusts me to my very core to even imagine that some fat, hairy, sweaty, old, perverted punk of a human being is okay with doing this to a child.

From Jaxi Lin - a mission trip follower!

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