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Reflection of Mission Trip

Every year, Father Martino Nguyễn Bá Thông leads mission trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, and other Southeast Asia countries (such as Laos, Singapore or Malaysia...) entitled "Lend A Hand." Father Thông reminds all the participants that the purpose of the mission "is not DOING but LEARNING. When you are on the mission you don't do a lot! I want you to open your heart, mind, ears, and eyes to feel, live, listen, see and learn. The DOING begins when you return home to your own country. You can talk about OBV mission and works with passion, so you can be the VOICE and the HAND of the many children being sold and forced into sex exploitation and trafficking!"
Below are some of their reflections.

Group picture before the “flight”


One of the many activities of the mission trip “Lend a Hand” 2012 is the “night flight” especially created for Vietnamese who live in the United States. Besides the opportunity to see the reality and the secrets of the streets of Saigon at night, they could also bring a little joy to people living in poverty or homeless for the New Year. This is a reaction from one of the participants from that night:


In this spinning pace of life to make money for food and shelter, have you ever stopped to listen to other people?


We were strolling on the streets of Saigon around 3 AM after the “flight”. Saigon was sleeping at this time; all of the stores were closed. There were still some people but all of the sounds, noises and dust have calmed down and give way for some fresh air and quiet environment to take over the streets. We exchanged our thoughts and feelings about the flight as we were walking. The excitement of sharing some gifts with people was still visible on our faces.

Father Martino with OBV's children

"As usual from previous day, the children came by the hotel to had breakfast with us. Then we all took the children shopping to prepare for the new years. They all had something in mind that they want to buy stuff stuff either for themselves or for others such as their family, friends, or even for themselves. I was supper surprised as to the amount of kids that actually thought about their parent first and sisters. Knowing that bring tears to my eyes.

13 young professionals hang out with OBV's children

"We meet up with our children today at 7:30am this morning. We took them to have breakfast at the hotel, where we were able to show them the life style of hotel buffet.

Father Martino with children in Cambodia

"The trip to Cambodia was an eye opening experience.  I would like to call it the "ugly truth" about reality, but however, we all have to accept what God had created for us. First of, I want to recall many memorable moments that I had encounter on this trip.  It is when we meet up with Thầy Tùng and was taken to the village where he help to educate the younger kids, their age range around couple months old to 15 years n older. These kids are recuser kids from the street, whom are very unfortunate that they lost everything, especially their parent and home.  

Father Martino, Dr. Nga Vu and volunteers in Mission trip 2012

Every year, Father Martino leads many mission trips entitles “Lend a Hand” - This year the trip began on Jan 3 and ended on January 15, 2012!  There were 13 young professionals from US and Canada – paid their own way and took their two week vacations to be on the trip – including three members of One Body Village’s Board of Directors. Nga Vu, MD; Young Hoang, PhD; and Pham Tiffany, MSW!  Father Martino continuously repeated the purpose of the mission: “When you are on the mission with me – you don’t do a lot!! I want you to open yourselves, watch, listen, see and learn! The DOINGS begin when you return to the US!” so you can talk about it and do with passion, to be the VOICE and the HAND of these children being sold/forced into sex slavery!


Thursday, 28 July 2011 03:23

Mission trip 2012

Mission trip 2012

Do you have a loving heart? Are you a dynamic and compassionate person?

Do you want to be a contributing member to society? Do you want to help those in need but do not know where to start due to your limitations?

Do you want to spend your time meaningfully?

If so, journey with One Body Village on this "LEND A HAND" mission.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010 13:40

Mission trip 2011



Sunday 30-May-2010

For this beautiful Sunday: After the rock ‘n roll night..... For the morning, chu Thong has given me the opportunity to assist his interview for the position of "Director of OBV for Viet Nam", and the afternoon will be the 2nd presentation "Tinh bo vo" of chu Thong @ GX Tong Viet Buong. I guesstoday is the day which we have the least number of activities, but that doesn't mean that it will be easier or an opportunity to relax. Hummm...I feel like there will not be a lot of stuffs to write about ... hahahah ... well...let's see !!!


Journal of mission trip in VN - Summer 2010

(by Huynh Ngoc Tri / v1.4)


chuyen di ben treToday gonna be a “fully-loaded” day. We will visit Bến Tre the whole day and at night chú Thông will deliver his brand-new discussion “Tình Bơ Vơ” at Cho Cau.


- The main course of this morning is coffee shops @ Quan Sao + Windows 4. Why at these places ??

The goal was to spot "working-girls". Yes...I'm serious, that was chu Thong's assignement for me and Hoa. I was excited. Chu Thong's works turn around this world: wanna get in, got know the doors, thatz all. Maybe you, the readers, are shocked, but well, if you are on this webpage, you know chu Thong's work. If you are still in shock...well you may leave...


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