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Saturday, 30 July 2016 14:01

MC, Singer Huyen Ny shared a voice for One Body Village

an old article...

Pharmacist, MC, Singer – three works combine in one girl named Huyen Ny – a talented, beautiful Vietnamese girl. She is a representative for successful Vietnamese women living overseas.
When attending the fundraising event held by One Body Village at Seattle, she decided to be a voice for OBV's children, those who are the victims of child sex exploitation and traffickingin order to make OBV more well-known.
Let us share with you Huyen Ny's thoughts:

"Last night, I had an opportunity to join OBV's event in Seattle. I was very nervous after being invited to be there, not like the show I attended before. Because I knew that I would see photos and hear stories about girls and kids who were abused, who were the victims of human trafficking and child sex slavery. I imagined their mournful eyes and I knew they would haunt me for a long time."
Huyen Ny and Dan Kim performed the song "Poor Childhood" in the fundraising event of One Body Village held in Seattle.
"There are lots of things I want to make a change to.
There are also many things I cannot handle.
But there is one thing I know I can do.
That is to begin with the simplest ones.
That is to be a voice, a soft voice, to speak out for others who are suffering.
This is something very close to my heart. And I hope that you will become a voice with me.
Together with Priest Thong One Body Village, we can be a "louder" voice. Heart."

Huyen Ny


Translated by Le Nhat Lam.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "MC, Ca Sĩ Huyền Ny - "Góp Một Tiếng Nói" Cho Một Thân Hình"

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