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Sunday, 20 March 2016 00:00

The Fundraising Event: "Trả Em Tuổi Thơ" In Brisbane, Australia November 15, 2015

(OBV - Ms Anne Doan and the two men who organized the fundraising for OBV in Brisbane, Australia are Buddhist! Thanks God and Thanks the three of you)

1 am ... 11/16/14 after finishing the evening fundraising for OneBodyVillage, we returned home and listened to Father Nguyen Ba Thong shared about the OBV children's lives. Although everyone was very tired due to lack of sleep and meal for the past few days busy running the fundraising... But everyone tried to fight off the urge to fall asleep and kept listening to the tragic stories of the unfortunate OBV children ....

I tried to hold back my tears and speechless when Father Martino gave me a color painting which was hand painted by the OBV children. The red and green leaves in the painting are the fingerprints of the Australian OBV children and the Australian OBV volunteers. Per Father Martino request, I imprinted my finger under a tree on the paiting to signify that I was the the first sponsor for the fundraising for the OBV children .

Feeling like a mother, imagining the 169 children between 5 to 15 years of age and my responsibilities for these OBV children do not stop at just fundraising but an endless journey for years to come. Feeling like God had just blessed me with these young innocent children who had been abused and neglected ....

My responsibilities as a godmother to these OBV children of Brisbane shall be shared by their two god fathers Mr Tuan Le and Mr. Andy Le who accompanied by Mother Anne Doan spent the last few months to organize last week fundraising dinner.

As a representative of Brisbane OBV, I would like to express my gratitude to all of our loving friends near and far from Brisbane as well as FB friends who took the time to attend and contribute to this OBV fundraising. The presence of people last week was great pride and encouragement to the fundraising event organizers even with a few setback that happened within the Brisbane Vietnamese community. Even with some last minute cancellation, about 170 people participated in this fundraising event. As a result, the outcome of the event meets the expectation of this fundraising event organizer.

Once again thank you very much for all your goodwill. Most of all, to all my best like-mind friends during the last two decades flew up here to support and encourage this fundraising event organizers today. Our fundraising partners are Kim Anh Tran, Thien Giang, Nhan Nguyen from Melbourne, Ms. Vivian Nguyen from Sydney, 2 Ms Nguyen Yen Thao & Hong (2 Mothers who directly raising the OBV children) from Vietnam, 2 famous singers from Asia Entertainment Center, USA: Lam Lam Thuy Van and Huynh Phi Tien, 2 leading singers of Brisbane My Quan and Diep Anh. And most of all, thanks Father Martino, the founding father of OBV which provide opportunities for us to appreciate our life ... to love and to share with each other and the unfortunate OBV children. Thank you Father Martino!!!

And of course we are grateful to the sponsors for the fundraiser: the restaurant Maxim-Darra contribution of nearly $3,000 in cash. Huong Tran Anh, Ms. Thach & all editorial offices of AVN who promote our OBV fundraising event for free during the last 2 months. Mr Quan Thanh Xuan-jewelry store owners Inala. Msr Dew from Monalisa Jewellery NgocBui-Ngoc's Hair Studio Inala. KH Hair and Make Up ... ect .. and those who did not attend in person but donated money for this events (AVN would publish these donors this week)

The total fund raised at this event on November 15, 2014 tonight is $8628 net proceed after deducting all expenses.

On behalf of the organizing committee OBV-Brisbane,

Sincerely thank,

Loan Anh-Anne Doan

Translated by Tom.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Chương Trình Buổi Gây Quỹ: Trả Em Tuổi Thơ Tại Brisbane"

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