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Sunday, 16 November 2014 00:00

Fundraising event "Give Back the Innocence" - Sydney, Australia

4:00PM on Nov. 14, the day of the event "Give Back the Innocence", Phat, a member of the event committee announced: "The committee has been flooded with calls for reservations. Over a hundred people expressed the desire to attend the event but we had to turn them down as the event was sold-out."

Approximately at 6:00 PM, everything was set and ready for the show, the excitement reflected on the faces of all who were present.

7:30, the hall was almost full.

7:50, the hall was full.

8:00 PM sharp, the event began.

The opening act was a choir of children, singing with angelic voices:

"Like clouded skies waiting for a ray of sunshine. From a distance, sadness awaits warm embrace. The pain in my heart, silently yearns for love. The sun gave way, past the night. A warm hand like a thousand rays of sunshine. Bring forth life, the love to share with those facing life challenges (to ease the pain).

You will see like a miracle. Sufferings no longer surround us. Life is filled with hope when we care for one another... "

The heart of the Vietnamese expatriots will always remember the misfortune of the Vietnamese people. Today, there are more than 850 people gathered at Crystal Palace, opening their hearts and joining hands in helping the children of One Body Village – the victims of sex trafficking in East Asia countries.

The Vhelp representative, Mr. Chinh Trung Dang asked everyone in the community to join in the effort with One Body Village on its mission to assist the children-the victims of sex trafficking and exploitation. He represented the event organizer announcing that they have received a donation of fifty thousand ($50,000 AUD) - from Theresa Dang -  prior to the start of the event.

Fr. Martino Thong Ba Nguyen thanked the Vhelp organization and presented them with an "OBV Family" framed picture. Each leaf on the OBV tree is a finger print of a child in the OBV home. It's the children's way of thanking the Vhelp organization in helping OBV purchased a home – the funds raised from Autralia campaign last year.

Many singers from Sydney participated and help OBV by becoming the voice for the children of OBV, especially, the dedication of two singers, Van Thuy Lam and Tien Phi Huynh, from Asia Music Production.

Outside, at around 11:00 PM, the temperature in Sydney dropped dramatically. Inside the hall, the heat rose with the "ice bucket challenge" lead by Fr. Martino Thong and Khiet Ngan, a member of the event organizer.

12:10 AM, the event ended but OBV family confident that many have opened their hearts to the children – the victims of sex trafficking in East Asia Countries.

OBV Vietnam

Nov 14, 2014

Translated by Theresa Mai.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Chương Trình Buổi Gây Quỹ: Trả Em Tuổi Thơ Tại Sydney"

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