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Friday, 27 December 2013 18:00

Emory Emviet Concert

The night was cold, but everyone's heart was warm with love for the children. I could feel the excitement in the air and it continued to build as the show progressed. There was everything from singing to dancing. I was so impressed by how organized they were, and the wide array of talents. I was also touched knowing that everyone's heart and soul was poured into this benefit concert all for the love of our children.

Students from different nationalities contributed to the overall success of the show. The students were genuinely curious and wanted to learn how to help. Son Nguyen did a wonderful job in place of Father Martino who was not available due to health issues but the video clips that he sent were as riveting as ever. Words cannot express enough of our gratitude towards Emviet and their overwhelming passion toward lending a hand, making a difference, and being a voice.


Dr. Nga Vu, MD
Emory Medical School
Family Practice Residency class 2010

Note: Emviet's Emory contacted OBV a few months back and want to put on a show to benefit the mission of OBV – Father Martino, OBV's founder, was scheduled to be the presenter. But due to his health and conflict of schedule he could not attend. Dr. Nga Vu (past chair) and Mr. Son Nguyen (OBV Board member) attended and presented in the place of Fr. Martino!

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