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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 00:40

Let Flight at Night!

The missionary group began a fresh day by attending the Mass with the OBV children  

After the Mass, the OBV children were subdivided into 3 groups by  school age: elementary, middle and highschool.  The members of the missionary group were also subdivided into 3 groups and went shopping with the children for new clothes for Chinese New Year festival.

In the afternoon, the missionary group rested in preparation for the overnight flighttonight.  Before the flight at 12:00AM, the team accompanied Father Martino to Cho Cau Parish to share on the topic "Sex in Marriage" to local parishioners.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 19:01

Eating ...Crazy

According to the scheduled plan, Mission Trip 2014 will have two missionary days at Can Tho.
During this trip, the delegation had added a family of Mrs. Trang and Mr. Hung who is one of the benefactors of OBV family.

1/14/2014 Cambodia

In two hours, the mission trip heads to Cambodia for the second leg of this journey. Will report back later in the day. We have a 6hr bus ride ahead of us!

At bus station on Pham Ngu Lao street!!!

Sunday, 12 January 2014 02:40

A day with many events


Father Thong, Mother Ngoc and the Mission trip 2014

On the second day of the Mission Trip: the group woke up at 5:00 am like the children, had breakfast. The children went to school, the group visited several places. First, the group stopped by an old house in Cu Chi, everything looked the same but the place was a little wild and cold due to lack of the human presence. This house, if thing works out as planned, will be used for other project.

1/11/2014 Saigon


We're back in Saigon for the next two days. As soon as we returned, we freshened up and went to a convent to hear Fr. Martino introduce OBV to a large group of nuns. They found his stories of fighting sex trafficking fascinating and his bombastic humor entertaining.

1/9/2014 Can Tho

It's 4:30am. Everyone on the mission trip is gradually waking up and packing. We leave for Can Tho at 5a. It's apparently a 3.5-4 hr ride. Part of our visit includes two visits to shelters for the mentally ill, where we'll learn about Fr. Tuan's personal calling and mission to care for those suffering from mental illness.

Two hours into the ride, we stop at a roadside restaurant for breakfast. These roadside restaurants always impress me. They're so well maintained, and the service tends to be better than what we get in the city!

1/8/2014 - OBV Children


It's 6am. We're all up for breakfast with the girls, who are already up, dressed, and full of energy for being so early in the morning. They go to school very early.  Oh, and they're still making balloon animals!

1/7/2014 OBV Children

[Jesse] Fr. Martino kicks off the mission trip with a round of introductions. 

Fr. Martino leads a daily reflections meeting

At the end of each day of the One Body Village mission trip, Fr. Martino likes to collect the members for a short moment of reflection.

A lot goes on during the day. We're taken to a number of places, some for a few hours, other for only a few minutes. While at a place or on the road, we're constantly hearing stories and taking in loads of information about Fr. Martino, Sister Ngoc, the girls, and the OBV organization in general.

Friday, 10 January 2014 21:57

Welcome Mission Trip 2014 Group to Vietnam

As usual, every year on his "vacation" in January, Father Martino leads a group of young people to Mission Trip.  OBV Vietnam welcomes Father and all the Mission Trip members to Vietnam.

In this Mission Trip from 1/8 to 1/19, they will experience the reality of OBV activities in Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore.

OBV Vietnam wish Father good health and the mission trip group will have joy in apostolic commitment.

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