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Make A Difference

Friday, 27 December 2013 18:00

Emory Emviet Concert

The night was cold, but everyone's heart was warm with love for the children. I could feel the excitement in the air and it continued to build as the show progressed. There was everything from singing to dancing. I was so impressed by how organized they were, and the wide array of talents. I was also touched knowing that everyone's heart and soul was poured into this benefit concert all for the love of our children.

Thursday, 12 December 2013 17:40

Overnight Trip

I am going to Vietnam and Cambodia in January, 2014 for Mission Trip! Today I found an old article and wanted to share. Even though I have work to do for organization, I still spend my spare time at night with young people that I've never met before – just know each other through Internet – to wander with disadvantaged people at nights near Lunar New Year! (Money for "night trip" was my own money not money from organization, so if you have helped OBV, please have peace in mind that your money is used for the right purposes.) You can access to my website to read articles and see pictures of "night trip"! Now, I invite you to accompany in the Lunar New Year's night trip through the narrative of "night rider"

Saturday, 07 December 2013 18:33

On your side, I’m always there

Every year, Father Thong organizes several mission trips. On January 2014, there will be a trip travelling between Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. Each trip will generate a whole new experience. To learn more about them, please read the posted article of last year’s trip:

Compared with my previous trips to Vietnam, this one was different with a special mission – to explore the OBV (One Body Villege) activities as well as visiting its children. For a long time, I had known about Father Thong and the OBV but have not had a formal conversation or official collaboration with them until about four months ago. And I wanted to give my contribution and a strong voice for the organization and the OBV children.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 17:39

My whole Story About the Trip

After having heard some of the situations these girls have been through, I truly do begin to count my blessings having been born in America. These children have all become part of us during this short period of time knowing them. They've taught us many things that cannot be learned or taught elsewhere without having been on this mission trip.

Yesterday was the first time I accompanied Father Thong in night "flight" to distribute gifts to street old people. And that night "flight" was successfully organized with love and left everyone's heart warmth.

We gathered at Cathedral Church waiting for Father Thong, and then we were assigned routes. Let's depart!

Wednesday, 09 January 2013 16:52

Father Nguyen Ba Thong: Is my love desolate?

Is my love desolate?

As usual, in January every year, Father Nguyen Ba Thong has a month for "resting in busy" in Vietnam. It is called "rest" as he can rest from his mission of serving God's in the U.S. It is called "busy" as he spends this little time coming and sharing with many people who need his "one voice, one hand" in Vietnam.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 00:00


Journal – first day in Viet Nam!

I'm very joyful for today. I landed in Viet Nam around midnight last night. Tossing and turning all night for I couldn't sleep. 3 am, I wandered around the Ben Thanh plaza and met a man selling corn on the cob from Thai Binh. We shared a conversation about his hometown and family for almost two hours. I ate three corns. He charged me nine thousands in Viet Nam dong (about 50 cents in US dollar). I felt guilty for taking so much of his time. I offered him another 50 thousands in Viet Nam dong. He refused, indicating that he wouldn't be able to sell anything at this hour anyway, and he's delighted with our conversation for it shed him some warmth. But I insisted, for his kids. He accepted with much gratitude. He said, "I came into the South selling corn for 10 years now, and just today there is someone willingly join me for a small talk and even give me money." I was not sure how grateful he was, but I felt much joy. Thank you my brother, and thanks be to God.

Friday, 31 May 2013 17:53

Day 7 - 8: Mission trip in Singapore

Mission trip group in Singapore

Fourteen years ago. This was the last time I was in Singapore. Singapore is, for lack of a better term, different. It's much cleaner than Vietnam and Cambodia, but that seems to come with a few minor flaws to the country. 

Making friends with Vietnamese children in Cambodia

Today on the second day of Cambodia we got to go visit the Vietnamese village, that is a group of about 14 families living very close together. One thing that I really like about the visiting is that it totally opened my eyes to see a completely different world from the world. I am living in right now. 

Mission trip group with Vietnamese workers in Cambodia

I found the idea of going to a rustic village in the middle of nowhere is unappealing from the start; however, the village was worth the travel.  Even though, the village houses were extensively cluttered, it only made the villagers closer to one another.  In addition, the houses were divided merely by wooden sticks and plastic papering.  Nevertheless, the relationships between the villagers are strong.  It truly displays what OBV Stands for.  One Body Village originated from the idea that it takes a village to raise a child.  In this village, the villagers help one another for the better of the village.  Together, they cook, eat, and live with one another-which is what a true village does.