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Make A Difference

Friday, 20 November 2015 00:00

A talk in Lao Cai


lào cai 

We started the first workshop on skill in preventing sex abuses at Lao Cai church.

Students, young people from the region and the parish came from four corners of the earth, but were quickly joined together for they shared the same passion and zeal for life through lively games as well as discussion topics.

Today, Fr. Martino, Mother Ngoc, OBV VN staff, and the staff of '5 Thang 2' and 'SPA Thien Y' left the office at 4AM to attend the wedding of an OBV child in Ninh Thuan. Therefore, aunts Thom and Thuy joined the OBV Cambodia staff and the Mission Trip 2015 pariticipants took the children to an outing at Dam Sen Water Park from morning till afternoon.

Every year around January, a Mission trip takes place under the guidance of Father Martino. This year is no exception. The trip took place with much anticipation and enthusiasm from the participants. All participants must have had the heart to love to be able to set aside all their personal plans to participate in this trip.

First day: Everyone gathered to listen, observe, and get a sense for the works of the mission that OBV is pursuing, and complete the required paper work; followed by the introduction, reviewing the agenda and the engagement rules for the trip.

Today we held mass for Vietnamese Labour Workers in KL. Many are working illegally, meaning their visiting Visas have expired. They come from all walks of life looking for a "better" opportunity to support their wives, children, and parents. Father Martino shares his personal struggle with poverty and homelessness and encourages them to keep faith, dignity, and respect for each other and the church. He also shares with them about OBV's mission and asks for their help in informing us about victims of trafficking. After mass, many people disclosed some cases that they knew of that received no help from the Vietnamese Embassy. OBV will help these people and many others like them return to their homeland and families. We are grateful that God has placed us in touch with these people who will the the voice and lending hands to make a difference in the lives of so many struggling Vietnamese people!

Day 9

Another free morning and afternoon for our group to visit Central Market and Chinatown while the OBV directors conduct their business meeting!

Day 7

Today we spent the day with Cha Tuan in Can Tho at his "Trai Tam Than" for the mentally unwell. We cooked lunch for the people who live there and learned about Cha Tuan's honorable work. He lives with them, feeds them, teaches them life skills, gives them medicine, and above all, he gives them the love, dignity, and respect when family and society has rejected them.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 00:00

Happy Birthday Father Martino

Happy birthday Father Martino! The kids sang and have him two cakes. How special!


Day 5:

The Angel God sends to obv family- Her name is Angela - A Ped Nurse from Calvery, Canada

Day 3 - Jan 10, 2015

One big happy family - OBV Cambodia and Vietnam children had a blast today at Dam Sen Waterpark!

It was a good day to go swimming. The kids wore us out! Luckily, they were also good babysitters for my daughter! (Schulz)

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