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Make A Difference

Journal of mission trip in VN - Summer 2010

(by Huynh Ngoc Tri / v1.4)


chuyen di ben treToday gonna be a “fully-loaded” day. We will visit Bến Tre the whole day and at night chú Thông will deliver his brand-new discussion “Tình Bơ Vơ” at Cho Cau.


- The main course of this morning is coffee shops @ Quan Sao + Windows 4. Why at these places ??

The goal was to spot "working-girls". Yes...I'm serious, that was chu Thong's assignement for me and Hoa. I was excited. Chu Thong's works turn around this world: wanna get in, got know the doors, thatz all. Maybe you, the readers, are shocked, but well, if you are on this webpage, you know chu Thong's work. If you are still in shock...well you may leave...



The main course of this day of May is a "handwork" session @ Xuan Loc, childhood home town of chu Thong. The team : chu Thong, chu Thong's aunt, Khoa, Liem, Tu (4), Duc, Hoa and mini-self-of-me.

Monday, 14 June 2010 05:28

Cambodia trip: Self reflection

This was my first trip to Cambodia where you can find thousands of children who are sold and brought here to become sex slaves. We go as a group of 6 people: Father Martino, 2 young brother and sister who are Cambodian but live in Vietnam, a singer, an electrical engineer, and me. The goal of the trip is to learn about Cambodia in person. The bus departed at 7:00 am from Saigon to Phnom Penh. Right after going across the border gate of Moc Bai, there are around 10 fancy casinos popping up from nowhere. Continuing with the next couple miles, there are few houses and restaurants for travelers to stop by and eat. The more you go away the border, the further houses are far away from each other. Houses are built right off the high way, nothing behind them but wild fields. This proves that those casinos are not for local people, but actually for rich people from Vietnam. The simple reason is that gambling is prohibited by Vietnam Law.

If you cannot go, then please have it on your Facebook - blog or Twist it so people know and they can go - or at least you can be the voice.


Journal of mission trip in VN - Summer 2010

(by Huynh Ngoc Tri / 26052010 v1.0)


The program of the morning is "Approaching skills". This reminds me of "Spy Game", one of my favorite spy-counter-intelligence movies, with 2 lady-heartbreakers of Hollywood, Robert Redford and Brad Pitts. The test subjects are students of Dai Hoc Nhan Van (Humainites University and the majority is obviously female). The goal is getting along and learning about the normal lives of university students in Saigon.

Hoa and me, will be playing the role of 2 young columnists, researchers from abroad, writing about the difference of "nuoc mam" (vietnamese) students in Vietnam and elsewhere. We are endorsed by our supervisor, the super handsome young rich and famous chu Thong.

  • We got in the university with Liem, since she knows how to "walk" 2 guys I guess. ;-)



  • Me and Hoa spent the 3/4 of the day with Liem (a smily girl from Da Lat), Quang and "Lawrence of Arabia", I forget his name, and I just felt a certain ressemblance manner from the character. Both are from "Dòng Chúa Cứu Thế". We visited an Education Center for handicap (down, mute, deaf and blind) and poor kids in Cần Giờ (nice name, isn't it !!! Sound like the place is living in a "urgent of NOW". Can Gio's translation would be: Needing Time. Simply lovely !!!). The institution is run by father Thinh, another wizard from Dong Chua Cuu The. A few remarkable facts about the center:
  • It took us around 1h on motocycle to get there from Saigon. I was carried on the bike of "Lawrence of Arabia". The road is simply marvellous. I love motorcycle, the best travelling mean to see and feel the environment, right in your face: the wind, the rain, the smells, the noises, the dusts, the taste, yes ! if you open your mouth to talk while driving !!! How can you have all those sweeties by driving in a big + smooth Bimmer 7 series ??


Words from Fr. Martino (Chú Thông) - These writtings are from the Participants and posted UN-editied as I allow their feelings flow! This one is written by Tri - a Electrical Engineering from Canada!


- I met the welcoming team at the airport: Thao (chu Thong's niece), a PhD of education, a policeman, Thanh, Tram and Hoa. "Chu Thong" arrived at Tan Son Nhat around 10:45pm. We stopped by the hotel, the Thanh Long Tan Hotel, near cho*. Ben Thanh. Below are the few things we did right after his landing. We spent most of the time outside, around the area to learn about the "characteristics" of the corner:
- "An khuya", late supper, at a Singapore restaurent, The Lion... The food: "chao ech", frog porride, not bad at all. The place is pretty clean, the interior design is simple, good taste, the assembly is okido.
After the late supper, chu Thong decide to "drive" Hoa and me around the corner to learn about the strategic environment of the hotel.

Saturday, 17 April 2010 11:07

End of the year luncheon


An end of the year luncheon.  I was excited to see the girls again, in their own home: their own element.  These four girls had been rescued from being sexually exploited, and are now living in a One Body Village home.  Here they learn to live together as a family, sharing responsibilities, and also to become educated.  After the trip to Vũng Tầu, we were invited over for lunch to celebrate the end of the year and the coming of the next.



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