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Make A Difference

Dear Friends !!

Can you come and support us !! Please forward to all friends – in OC this coming Sunday may 22th!!

Come, Play, dance and support OBV

Please invite or forward to a friend!!!

Thursday, 02 December 2010 08:00

Fundraising event - Nocross CA - May 12, 2010


Thời Gian:    05g30 pm đến 09g30 pm   Ngày 05/12/2010 

Địa điểm: Nhà Hàng Happy Valley 5495 Jimmy Carter Bivd Nocross CA 30093

These are some pictures at Emrald Bay Restaurant on 31 October 2010...

Góp một tiếng nói, một cử chỉ, làm thay đổi một cuộc đời!

Awareness Night - Be Their Voice @ CA


Tuesday, 20 July 2010 13:40

Mission trip 2011



Sunday 30-May-2010

For this beautiful Sunday: After the rock ‘n roll night..... For the morning, chu Thong has given me the opportunity to assist his interview for the position of "Director of OBV for Viet Nam", and the afternoon will be the 2nd presentation "Tinh bo vo" of chu Thong @ GX Tong Viet Buong. I guesstoday is the day which we have the least number of activities, but that doesn't mean that it will be easier or an opportunity to relax. Hummm...I feel like there will not be a lot of stuffs to write about ... hahahah ... well...let's see !!!


Journal of mission trip in VN - Summer 2010

(by Huynh Ngoc Tri / v1.4)


chuyen di ben treToday gonna be a “fully-loaded” day. We will visit Bến Tre the whole day and at night chú Thông will deliver his brand-new discussion “Tình Bơ Vơ” at Cho Cau.


- The main course of this morning is coffee shops @ Quan Sao + Windows 4. Why at these places ??

The goal was to spot "working-girls". Yes...I'm serious, that was chu Thong's assignement for me and Hoa. I was excited. Chu Thong's works turn around this world: wanna get in, got know the doors, thatz all. Maybe you, the readers, are shocked, but well, if you are on this webpage, you know chu Thong's work. If you are still in shock...well you may leave...



The main course of this day of May is a "handwork" session @ Xuan Loc, childhood home town of chu Thong. The team : chu Thong, chu Thong's aunt, Khoa, Liem, Tu (4), Duc, Hoa and mini-self-of-me.

Monday, 14 June 2010 05:28

Cambodia trip: Self reflection

This was my first trip to Cambodia where you can find thousands of children who are sold and brought here to become sex slaves. We go as a group of 6 people: Father Martino, 2 young brother and sister who are Cambodian but live in Vietnam, a singer, an electrical engineer, and me. The goal of the trip is to learn about Cambodia in person. The bus departed at 7:00 am from Saigon to Phnom Penh. Right after going across the border gate of Moc Bai, there are around 10 fancy casinos popping up from nowhere. Continuing with the next couple miles, there are few houses and restaurants for travelers to stop by and eat. The more you go away the border, the further houses are far away from each other. Houses are built right off the high way, nothing behind them but wild fields. This proves that those casinos are not for local people, but actually for rich people from Vietnam. The simple reason is that gambling is prohibited by Vietnam Law.

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