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Make A Difference

Finally we meet the children that we have heard and read so much about

I felt excited waking up today because I will finally meet the children that I have heard and read so much about. These children are the reason why I have left the comfort of my daily routine to embark on this mission with Father Martino. It was a bit frustrating hearing from Father Martino that we will not be doing anything; he will be taking us on a journey to observe and learn not only that of OBV’s children but other unfortunate path of life.

Father Martino with OBV's children

"As usual from previous day, the children came by the hotel to had breakfast with us. Then we all took the children shopping to prepare for the new years. They all had something in mind that they want to buy stuff stuff either for themselves or for others such as their family, friends, or even for themselves. I was supper surprised as to the amount of kids that actually thought about their parent first and sisters. Knowing that bring tears to my eyes.

13 young professionals hang out with OBV's children

"We meet up with our children today at 7:30am this morning. We took them to have breakfast at the hotel, where we were able to show them the life style of hotel buffet.

Father Martino with children in Cambodia

"The trip to Cambodia was an eye opening experience.  I would like to call it the "ugly truth" about reality, but however, we all have to accept what God had created for us. First of, I want to recall many memorable moments that I had encounter on this trip.  It is when we meet up with Thầy Tùng and was taken to the village where he help to educate the younger kids, their age range around couple months old to 15 years n older. These kids are recuser kids from the street, whom are very unfortunate that they lost everything, especially their parent and home.  

Father Martino, Dr. Nga Vu and volunteers in Mission trip 2012

Every year, Father Martino leads many mission trips entitles “Lend a Hand” - This year the trip began on Jan 3 and ended on January 15, 2012!  There were 13 young professionals from US and Canada – paid their own way and took their two week vacations to be on the trip – including three members of One Body Village’s Board of Directors. Nga Vu, MD; Young Hoang, PhD; and Pham Tiffany, MSW!  Father Martino continuously repeated the purpose of the mission: “When you are on the mission with me – you don’t do a lot!! I want you to open yourselves, watch, listen, see and learn! The DOINGS begin when you return to the US!” so you can talk about it and do with passion, to be the VOICE and the HAND of these children being sold/forced into sex slavery!


Friday, 18 November 2011 20:23

Fund Raising Event 20 -11 - 2011 at Seattle


The lovely city of Seattle is not just known for its Space Needle Tower, the Pike Market, or the first Starbucks store.  This Thanksgiving, Seattle will be the home to One Body Village’s historic second fundraising event to aid children sold into sex slavery.  While we have much to be thankful for here in the States, thousands and thousands of children in Vietnam and Cambodia are suffering.  Please open your heart, come support the fundraising event on November 20th, enjoy great food and entertainment by top artists, and most important of all, be a part of a life changing organization.  
If you’d like to contribute or lend a helping hand, please contact Father Martino Nguyen Ba Thong at   706-825-3032   or Mrs. Nha at  253-508-0342

   Be a Voice, Lend a Hand, Make a Difference, SAVE A LIFE !

Awareness night on September

Wichita friends!

We need your help. OBV is hosting an Awareness Night in your town on September 25, 2011.

If you can be a voice and lend a hand to this life changing event, especially helping to sell tickets, please contact :

Chị Tiffany: 316-461-3864
Anh Phong: 817-422-2518
Anh Duy: 316-258-3048

We can make a difference!

Thursday, 28 July 2011 03:23

Mission trip 2012

Mission trip 2012

Do you have a loving heart? Are you a dynamic and compassionate person?

Do you want to be a contributing member to society? Do you want to help those in need but do not know where to start due to your limitations?

Do you want to spend your time meaningfully?

If so, journey with One Body Village on this "LEND A HAND" mission.

Educate your children at “Queen of Peace Catholic Church”

Translated by Ngan Le. You can read the original in Vietnamese - entitle "Chuyên đề "Giáo dục con cái" tại giáo xứ Nữ Vương Hoà Bình"

Representing the “Bridge of Happiness” is Nguyen Yen Thao presents a meaningful activity of the organization to search, rescue, medical and behavioral health care, and raising the rescued victim of sex slavery or sexual abused.  The things she present touched those present and letting them know the organization is accepting the children with these situations.  She urges each individual to be the communication channel and share it with others, especially those at risk. 

Dear Friends !!

Can you come and support us !! Please forward to all friends – in OC this coming Sunday may 22th!!

Come, Play, dance and support OBV

Please invite or forward to a friend!!!

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