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Hi, my husband and I are extremely touched by the stories about these unfortunate children. I will keep all of them in my prayers and not forgetting to mention all the time and dedication all of you as the volunteers and helpers are involved in currently. We highly praise and bow our heads to all of you. May God always be with you and continue to send strength and his blessing to you. You all will be greatly rewarded one way or another for your miracle work. Do I send donation to the address in Atlanta, GA? Is there an estimate of how many kids are being rescued from these horrible situations yearly, and if someone want to be involved in the rescuing process would that be possible?

OBV replied through email:
On behalf of the children affected by sex trafficking, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your willingness to help.
- To donate, you can do online by click on “donate now” in our home page (you must have a Paypal account) . Or mail to One Body Village, P.O. Box 162933, Atlanta, GA 30321.
- We have the rescue report in our newsletter (page 2) . This is the link: . If you would like to subscribe to OBV newsletters, please let me know.
- To get involved in the rescuing process, I would like to let Father Martino give you the answer. There is a volunteer who has helped Father with the undercover, and posted in his blog: this link tells their story about getting involved with OBV
Again, thanks so much for your support.
Thanh Nguyen