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I would like to donate online via your website. However, it's not secured because it doesn't have the https:// on the URL and there is no lock symbol at the bottom bar to indicate that there is security with your website. How secure is it? Any improvement better than plain passwords is welcome.
OBV replied through email:
Dear Tuan,
Sorry to reply to you lately, and I have seen your donation on 2/15 in our Paypal account. Thanks for trusting us, even though we have not answered your concern yet . As you might know that, OBV website form only collects your personal address so that we can store it into our database to generate the receipt / tax letter for you. We use Paypal to collect money, and hope that it is safe enough. In the near future, we will try different feature to accept other credit cards if the donors don’t have a Paypal account.
Thanh Nguyen