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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 15:18

One Body Village's fundraiser in Seattle on Top Entertainment Report

On November 20, 2011, OBV had a fundraising event in Seattle. This is the second time that the OBV has returned to Seattle. This time around, the OBV was greeted and received generous supports from our benefactors and all the volunteers and especially with the help from the staffs at SBTN T.V station and many singers.

SBTN and specifically the cute Ms. Sophie Bao Tran who sent a video clip that was posted on SBTN's channel. To the OBV and the children who were sold, forced into sex slavery, this is the "loudest" voice ever since.
We sincerely thank you all for being a voice for the children. Special thanks to "The Top Entertainment" program from SBTN, singer Kristine Sa, Singer Tran Thai Hoa, MC Sophie Bao Tran, singer Huyen Ny, singer Dan Kim... as well as all of our benefactors and friends.

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