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Sunday, 01 April 2018 03:30

The Pulse of a Coach

Professor Toan, along with the OBV team and special guests from the media stopped by Soc Trang province to give a seminar to schools in six districts. on the basics of puberty and sex education, as well as some information and skills in the prevention of sex abuse. This was requested by the Women's Union, in an attempt to lower the instances of child sex abuse in the region.

Two of the districts were extremely far and difficult to get to. One of these districts had a bridge so narrow that only a single bicycle could cross it. Most of the people living here had Khmer roots, with their lives being in complete destitution. Many ended up moving to the bigger cities (Dong Nai, Binh Duong, HCM) to look for work, and left their children behind for the grandparents to care for. Without the appropriate discipline, and general lack of care towards having an education, the children had little focus and attention in school, with many dropping out by the age of 13 and followed their parents to work. 

Beyond teaching, teachers often traveled to each of their students' homes, to motivate and encourage the children to continue with their schooling. Professor Toan admired the spirit and love the teachers reserved for their students.

Kids in these areas are often thrown into situation that directly influence they path they take for their futures. With the lack of education and parental supervision, along with the influences from local and pop culture, far too many times are these children lured into drinking and drugs at an early age. Even sadder are the kids who become enticed by the promises of money and end up entering the dark world of sex slavery and prostitution. Working from a very young age, the need for money often leads these kids astray.

As for the younger kids, the risk of them being abused sits at an all time high, especially the risk of being sexually abused. Professor Toan spent 10 minutes to quickly modify his lectures and went through all the skills they would need to lower this risk. The lecture went on for 90 minutes (despite the school's limit of 60 minutes), under the bright searing sun. 

We hope the children go home with this new information and live happily and safely.

September 11-14, 2017

Professor Toan

Translated by Jacqueline Huynh and Mr. Phung. The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Tâm Tư Người Đi Dạy 'Phòng Cháy'"

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