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Friday, 24 November 2017 22:20

Special Classes For The Rural Areas of Vietnam

Some special classes in the "Prevention of Child Sex Abuse" were organize by OBV for the minor of the E De tribe from highland Dak Lak province. The reports of children from ethnic minority communities being kidnapped or lured with candy and cookies, only to be sexually abused has been a huge concern for the officials and priests in the area. That was enough to encourage OBV members to brave the weather, long distances, strong winds and glaring sun to ensure the classes were a success.

The morning class was anything but simple. The power went out, the sisters' computers were as old as my grandmother and equally as sluggish. Our presenter struggled their way through the class with the help of a translator to ensure the language - dialect barriers were overcome. However, we knew it was still a success as we saw the bewildered faces and surprised eyes of the people in attendance.

May God grand them and their families peace.

H.M September 24 2017

Translated by Jacqueline Huynh and Mr. Phung.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Lớp Học Miền 'Ngược' Sớm Nay"

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