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Saturday, 02 September 2017 22:16

"Guidelines For Parents" Diary - The Second Day

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After a good sleep of the great first day, we got back energy and started the second day in good manner. Binh Dai River also seemed to be nicer than tomorrow. That helped us feel safer. (Honestly, we were very nervous yesterday. We were worried about our learners, our new method, and the most serious problem: our safety when passing the river.)

At 8:00 A.M., all the learners gathered at the classroom. Therefore, the lesson began in good attention from everyone. There was one thing new today. That was we had got a microphone. Although our class was small, our specialists got to be rather tired after trying their best to teach for over 30 people. So the microphone really helped us.

Specialist Pham Sy started the lesson

Specialist Pham Sy started the lesson by sharing with our farmers the skills to protect their children from usual accidents in daily life such as fire or drowning. Lots of photos were put out and questions were asked to get answer from the parents. Their answers helped the speaker know what our parents have known and what they haven’t known. So the speakers would know what to share more, especially about the risks all around their life. What made our learners excited in the questions – answer part was that everyone who participated would get a small candy as a gift. This gift was simple but helped our learners feel free and happy to join in.

Joining activities with specialist Pham Thi Thuy.

According to Ms. Thuy, the more risky ones were invisible. Those risks are in behaviors of the kids’ loved ones. Those behaviors would have a strong impact on children’s psychology and growth. Negative impact can lead children to hurting themselves or suicide. Therefore, parents’ responsibility is very important.

There was also a topic that was most concerned. That was how to protect our kids from being abused. Specialist Pham Sy divided our learners into 3 groups to make them discuss about some problems: sex abuse risk, its consequences, how to protect kids from that. The representative of Bridge to Happiness Center also talked with the farmers about their program which is also OBV’s program to help the kids who were abused to recover. Mr. Pham Thi Thuy also taught the learners how to know if their kids were abused.

The learners were discussing.

Ms. Linh (program coordinator of Bridge to Happiness Center) was talking about her center’s information with the learners.

Early in the afternoon, after a warm up activity, specialist Pham Sy discussed about videos of conflicts happening in schools. This discussion gained curiosity as well as surprise from our farmer learners. He gave the audience practical examples to help them discuss together about how to solve each problem. He emphasized the duty of ones who help everyone get back together; what characteristics they should have and how important they are. He also emphasized that each parent should become a person who helps others get back together whenever conflicts happen.

The last day was also the day when there were more time for the audience to ask questions about what were discussed in two days. Lots of questions were asked. They were about how to educate kids, how to build good relationship between husband and wife – this is a good base for a happy family. Every question was answered with a realistic view from our specialists.

Our specialists were answering the questions.

At the end of the day, we had the audience do a survey to receive feedbacks from them. The survey showed good feedbacks and desire to have more helpful training course like that.

We left there in twilight. Cua Dai River was peaceful in the morning but at that time, it made us worried when lots grey clouds were coming. Our boat had no roofs and the little rain went ker-plop. That made us worried about a storm coming. But fortunately, it began to rain heavily when we had just got to the land. So we felt safer. Everyone quickly got back to the hotel to rest and to have a meeting for feedbacks for the next training course in a further area, with an audience of farmers who are more innocent. The method used for this next course must be changed to meet the audience’s needs.

OBV Vietnam

July 14, 2011

Translated by Le Nhat Lam.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Nhật Ký 'Tập Huấn Làm Cha Mẹ' - Ngày Thứ 2"

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