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Saturday, 08 July 2017 21:21

"Guidelines For Parents" Diary - Getting Ready

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Everyone focused on topics that need to be discussed.

We arrived in Binh Dai, Ben Tre province at 20:30 in a home that was said to be the best one and the “safest” one in both literal and figurative meaning. To get the best preparation, we gathered together at 21:00 at one of our members’ room, and in that room of the “safest” place, the bed became the meeting table.


There were a lot of things to be discussed in the meeting, such as each member’s duty and what the training course would be about. The topic we concerned most was who the training course was for. We knew that it was for the poor farmers who are doing work in agriculture and marine product industry. We knew that their families are living in poor conditions and their children had to quit their education. However, how to talk to them directly and make them understand us were what stayed in our mind. Because it is only when we meet them that we understand them, that we know what is important to them and what they need us to provide them; what to bring them and how to bring those things to them to make those things valuable to their poor daily life in this waterland.

Psychologist Pham Sy and Pham Thuy discussed about what was going to be talked about in the training course. They agreed to do it in a new way. This new method would make the learners join their lesson in an active way, not to just sit there in silence and listen to the speakers. Specialist Pham Thuy shared her experiences, suggested to make the audience excited at the beginning and then lead them to what the training course would be about. The first day is very important. Because from that time, we begin to know who we are serving and how they react to the lesson. So we can find out which would be the most effective and exciting way for the training course. We all prepared everything very carefully. Everyone had his own work and tried to do it well. We all hoped our preparation would make the first day be a successful beginning and a good base for the following days.

Although we had had a long trip, our meeting was full of spirits of doing our responsibility well on the first day. And tomorrow, we will depart at 6 A.M. to go on a boat to farmers at Tan Thanh, Tien Giang.

Yen Thao

OBV Vietnam 7/12/2011

Translated by Le Nhat Lam.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Nhật Ký “Tập Huấn Làm Cha Mẹ” - Chuẩn Bị"

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