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Wednesday, 22 March 2017 21:01

Summer Break

This summer, beyond the usual activities and picnics, the children had other plans at home.

Some on them, in highschool, started studying their new subjects, while the rest of them reviewed what they had learnt the previous year. OBV'S House Mother created a schedule for them to include learning cross stitch, musical instruments, painting and other handicrafts. They had opportunities to bake a variety of cakes as well as create their own new dishes. All this happened while the skies were dark with rain clouds, and Saigon went under water a few times from the storms.

Of course, there were chores to do to: yard work such as removal of weeds, plant new trees, turn the soil...

Day after day, they studied, did their chores and learnt new skills. Before anyone realized, Summer break was almost over. They were ready for the new school year, excited to return.

The activities they did over the break where to help them learn, experience and develop their talents. I hope their high spirit remains so for this new school year!

August 2016

OBV Vietnam

Translated by Mr. Phung and Jacqueline Huynh.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Hoạt Động Cuối Hè"

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