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Friday, 28 April 2017 23:43

Tay Ninh Trip (last part) - The Door To The Future Is Opened


Taking the girls in the warm shelter to the bicycle shop to buy a new one

After coming back from Tay Ninh Province Department of Education and Training, we prepared for T. to go to the city and went to the Department of Education and Training in Ho Chi Minh City to finish her formality to move to the new school.

Two days after sending her documents to the department, we were called to add temporary residence certificate for T. Coming to the ward office to ask for that, I was told to come to area office at night. At 20:00, I went there, all the police had gone for their work and weren’t there. I asked the police we met in the morning and were told to buy a temporary residence notebook and leave it there; whenever the police come back, they will sign the notebook (if he had told me about that when I first met him to ask for the temporary residence document, I wouldn’t have to go there several times)

The next day’s afternoon, I stopped by to buy the notebook, then went to see the police. I thought that was the last step for our progress to be done. But he asked me to stick an identity photo on the notebook, then have the landlord sign on the notebook; after finishing those steps, I had to come back to give it to him to receive the temporary residence certificate for the girl.

So on the evening, I went to see the landlord and asked her to give me an signature, then had the kids be taken photos.

Also in the evening, I had an appointment with the Department of Education and Training to receive the results and add the temporary residence document to the formality. I decided to go there although I had not got the certificate yet. When I got there, I saw the announcement that everyone was in a meeting. There were lots of people waiting there. There was no way to play it so I decided to wait.

At 16:30, some teachers came out. I hope it was not too late to ask them about T’s formality. Then T’s name was called. A female teacher asked me if I had brought the the temporary residence certificate. I showed her all the documents related to the progress, told her about how I got to the police station of the area several times to finish the progress but had’n finished it yet. Luckily, she agreed to let T’s documents pass. Then she made a note on the document that we had to add the the temporary residence certificate.

Holding the recommendation letter of the Department of Education and Training, I felt very glad. We had finished 75% of the progress. The rest of 25% was to persuade the pricinpal at the new high school to agree for T to start her education there at the first term.

Because the first term was about to finish, the principal wanted T to attend his school in the second term, so her grades of the first term would be counted. But T’s story was painful.

When she was in grade 9, she was abused by her father. He forced her to have an abortion when she was in the fifth month of her pregnancy. She tried her best to pass the exam to attend Nguyen Van Troi public high school in Tay Ninh Province. But because of getting a complex about her personal story, and not having 250,000 VND to pay for the school fee, she decided to leave school. People in the commune of her hometown encouraged her to get back to school. But because she had left school for a long time, she had to study in a temporary education system! Therefore, if she had continued to study there for the whole first term, her grades would not be counted and could not attend the new public school.

That was the reason why we tried to finish her formality quickly. Because we wanted her to study in a public school in Ho Chi Minh City…

A week had gone. I came to visit my old teacher of Math to tell her about T’s news and asked for her advice. She told me to let T to study there, then she would come to see other teachers to help her out.

The next day’s morning, I came to my high school. The principal had a meeting in the department so he wasn’t at school. But that was a great thing. I went to see other teachers who taught me when I was studying there. Seeing the recommendation letter on my hands, my teachers thought I was going to teach there…Many memories went back. Then my teacher of Math took me to the deputy. After listening to our story, he had a sympathy and told me to not let anyone else know about that, even the head teacher of the class, except for the board of rectors.

Holding in my hand the attendance certificate for T, I was so glad. Sitting in the waiting room to receive her uniform for physical education class, I looked back the journey we had gone. Our journey to Tay Ninh. Our first meeting with T’s family. Then lots of difficulties during T’s formality. At the beginning, I thought we just couldn’t finish it. A month had gone by.

Looking back on how it had happened, I figured out that nothing is impossible to God. All we have to do is to trust in Him, pray with Him and share with Him our effort. Then everything would be just fine if it is on His plan.

Please stay in your prayers for OBV here in Vietnam.

Joseph Nguyen

Nov 1, 2010

Translated by Le Nhat Lam.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Tây Ninh Ký (phần cuối) - Con Đường Tương Lai Rộng Mở"

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