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Friday, 24 March 2017 18:46

Please Stay With Us

an old article...

After the online psychology lesson on Thursday mornings, at 11:00 some staff of OBV and Nhip cau Hanh Phuc organization moved to the new place for preparation.

That morning, I asked Liem and Phuong, two collaborators of OBV for their help with some “logistics”. For my part, I stayed at the office to welcome Mr. Thinh, Mr. Quyen and Father Giuse Hoang Quan who would come and bless OBV. Father arrived late for he had had a regular training this morning for priests in the diocese at the Court of Archbishop ...

At 11:45, Mr. Thinh, Father Quan and I moved to OBV. When we arrived there, the preparation had been almost finished. Some were talking to our little Sunny, others were preparing lunch, and I took care of preparing the holy water and helping Father get dressed (until 9:00, I got to remember that there would need the holy water to bless the house. Immediately, I asked Yen Thao for an empty water bottle and quickly run to the church asking for some. Overwhelmingly, I forgot to buy candles even though I had kept reminding myself of it before.

Talking to our little Sunny – Father Giuse is getting dressed for the ceremony

Father Quan zealously performed rites and chose Luke 24, 13-33: On the road to Emmau for the sermon session. He shared us the story happening on Emmau where there were two disciples asking Jesus who rose again from dead to stay with them “for it is nearly evening; the day is almost over”. Through the word of God, Father blessed us and prayed that OBV of OBV would be always in Jesus’ presence in all what the organization is doing…

Sharing about the Word…

Sanctify the classroom

Afterthat we together sang a song named: "đâu có tình yêu thương, ở đấy có Đức Chúa Trời....". While we were singing, Father was going around pouring out the holy water to sanctify the new house of OBV.

Sanctify the bedroom

Then, Father performed rites to sanctify the altar and statue. Lastly to finish, as it was in the month of the Rosary and yesterday was October 13, the anniversary of Mother Maria’s appearance in Fatima, we together prayed the Rosary and sang “Xin Vâng hướng về Mẹ Maria”.

Sanctifing the altar and statue

After all spiritual rites, we had lunch together enjoying “cha gio” and “banh trang cuon thit luoc” prepared by Liem and Phuong during the morning.

Big thank to Liem and Phuong…

The lunch among brothers and sister in Christ was very warm and full of laughter thanks to interesting stories by MC Yen Thao and Father Quan…

Once again, we would like to give our sincere thank to Father Giuse, who is always busy in ministry, with his kindness and love to our Mai Am came to pray for us and also send our gratitude to staff at Nhip cau Hanh Phuc, OBV and all collaborators. May grace of the Trinity through intersection of Mother Maria and St. Giuse abundantly fall on you all?

May Father and our friends pray for OBV so that in all what we do the Lord Jesus is always with us: “Stay with us, for it is nearly evening; the day is almost over.” (Luke 24: 28-29).

Joseph Nguyen


Stranslated by Le Dung.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Xin Ở Lại Với Chúng Con, Vì Trời Đã Xế Chiều..."

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