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Saturday, 25 February 2017 18:16

The Angel

It was Dr. Ehum's second time in Vietnam and Cambodia, to visit the beloved girls he had met last year. A Korean-American with his own medical practice in the USA, he closed for half a month to spend precious time with the children.

During his stay, while short, it seemed he didn't get much sleep, with most if not all of this time spent with the girls, whether it was playing with them in the front yard, hanging out in the community room, waking them up and walking them to school, helping them with their studies, participating in household chores and eating meals with them. When the girls slept, he patrolled the area to make sure the girls were safe and well rested.

Such a good sport, he didn't refuse any task or chore given to him such as doing the dishes, cooking, setting the table, fixing bicycles and making bracelets and necklaces with them. The children adored him.

There was obviously a bit of a language barrier, but this gave the children an opportunity to practice their English conversation skills, and despite many mistakes and hand motions, they were still able to understand each other. His kind and welcoming face made it easy to build a relationship with each girl, and they were especially thrilled that he managed to remember all their names after only 1 day.

I often wondered what the best contributions are you could give in life? What one's purpose was in life? Generally speaking, one's purpose is whatever one is truly interested in, and so many people fail to discover their personal mission in life. Dr. Ehum, on the other hand, with his high sense of responsibility and good nature, was willing to overcome any hardship and live his life with a new found mission -- to keep pushing forward in his charity work.

To farewell Dr. Ehum, after lunch, the children gathered around him, some crying, other hiding their tears. But it's not Good Bye....just See You Later.

OBV Vietnam

Feb 20, 2017

Translated by Mr. Phung and Jacqueline Huynh.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Như Một Sứ Mệnh"

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