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Sunday, 12 February 2017 02:18

Love until the heart’s last beat.

An old article...

For parishioners, especially young ones in the parish of Chợ Cầu (address 30/7 Nguyễn Văn Quá, 12th District 12, Ho Chi Minh City), the occasion of New Year 2013 was a wonderful time when they can to attend the preaching session of Father Martino Nguyễn Bá Thông. For Fr. Martino, this was his fifth time to present the journey of 2013. The audience gave him a warm welcome.

Fr. Martino’s session started at 7:30 PM. His team comprised of volunteers from U.S.A. The room was filled with songs, games, and chats about Fr. Martino and his topics. There were first-time attendees showing their excitement and curiosity.

Father Martino’s talks are always a packed-out event, with every seat in the hall filled.

The topic was “Love until the heart’s last beat.” It was a brand new topic that Fr Martino has not covered in Vietnam. He said the topic’s main points were magic wands for those who are in love, or married couples to explore their loves and make their marriage grow in a healthy way. In order to the help the audience envision those magic wands, Fr. Martino asked the audience to recall important points, to memorize and understand about the language of love, of themselves, and their spouses.

Couples are excited with the survey about the language of love.

Youths participating in the survey using their smartphones.

To guide the audience to language of love, Mr. Phạm Phúc Thịnh started by asking everyone take a 30-question survey. The survey helped the takers realize what their loving style is: like to receive gifts, need encouragement, want practical acts or like to receive lovely acts from there lovers. Everyone took the survey very seriously to find out exactly who they really are.

Father Martino was completely immersed in his chosen topic

A youth within the audience smiles as they listen to Fr Martino’s seminar

After the survey was done, Fr. Martino invited a young couple and a 25-year married couple to share their stories, then Fr. Martino discussed about their language of love. Using talent of an experienced preacher with casual style and his humor, Fr. Martino made his audience feel loved. Fr. Martino concluded the talks by recapping critical points to help both young couples and married couples nurture their loves and making it grow.

The singer Hiền Thục performed love songs

Singer Hiền Thục, a long-time collaborator of Fr. Martino in Việt Nam, made the whole room filled with joy. The talk ended at 9:30PM. Many hoped Fr. Martino will come back with new and interesting topics.
Following this talk at Chợ Cầu Parish, Fr. Martino will have some talks at Cần Thơ from January 13 to January 15, 2013.

Pham Sy


Translated by Luu Hien Duc and JH. The original version in Vietnamese "Yêu Cho Đến Khi Con Tim Ngừng Đập"

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