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Monday, 26 December 2016 21:44

A Child's Transition

OBV just welcome our newest addition to the family, from a province far, far away. It took the family days to make the journey to us, with the child having only been sexually abused not so long before that.

The child and her family all came together to visit OBV, with the purpose being to understand the work we do, and the kind of life provided to survivors of abuse. OBV was quite stunned looking at this child: a tiny frame with unsteady legs. Stained clothes, and sad eyes staring blankly that much reminded us of another survivor we had taken under our wing only 2 years earlier. The family, in turn, were equally stunned, for they had never imagined that a safe haven for young victims of abuse existed, and they immediately and wholeheartedly expressed their wishes to have their daughter raised and nurtured here. The child, despite knowing she'd be far away from her family could also sense that she'd be safer and happier here, and agreed to stay without any protest.

The family traveled for miles to visit OBV, and upon seeing the environment and what OBV could offer for their child, immediately agreed to allow their daughter to stay

Never have we come across a case where a decision has been reached so quickly! After only one day of returning to their village, they called to excitedly tell us that all the paperwork from their end had been completed! They quickly made the journey back down, this time with a bag of the child's worldly belongings: a set of stained clothing. She was still shoe-less. OBV immediately started to work their magic to 'transform' her. She showered, got a hair cut, received brand new clothes and shoes, as well as books, pens, paper and a brand new backpack for school.

Our house mother, in charge of the transformation process, gives our newest member a much needed haircut

The first two days, she was in a bit of a daze, as she had never seen or experienced such splendor (as told by her family). She relished in all the simple things in life that she considered grand, taking it all in, though not yet opening up about herself just as yet.

It's been 3 weeks now. Whoever was lucky enough to meet her when she first arrived to OBV and compare her to how she is today is amazed at her transition. A constantly smiling face, laughing and talking and joking around with her sisters in the house, eating with a healthy appetite, and constantly reading and learning. It seems she has began to forget the trauma that plagued her not so long ago, and is starting to take those important steps forward to healthy recovery.

First day of school

Together with her sisters, she walks into her classroom for the first time

A newcomer to the OBV house, although a joyous occasion, can also be a difficult time, because suddenly it becomes the whole neighbourhood's business, and everyone asks questions. Despite this, OBV remains in good spirits, as we get to help one more life. We hope your future is no longer plagued by the darkness of your past. We hope everyone can open their hearts and give a helping hand in restoring the innocence of these children, that was so cruelly ripped away from them.

In her new class with her new friends and peers

November 10,2016

OBV Vietnam

Translated by Jacqueline Huynh.  The original version in Vietnamese entitled "Hóa Phép Cho Con"

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