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Thursday, 20 October 2016 22:26

A Session of Life Skills With the OBV Children

The first Friday of every month sees the girls of OBV VN settling in for a session with our team of social workers, to learn 'life skills' that may further the quality of their every day lives. The topic for the session in October was "Helpful hints to using Facebook and the Internet", a topic that was eagerly welcomed by all the girls as their access to the internet is quite limited in comparison to others. The girls participated in all the conversation topics with enthusiasm, followed by a Question and Answer segment where they bombarded Duy with question after question.

The purpose of this session was to ease the stress for Mother Ngoc, as well as all the other OBV family members, every time the girls are locked away in the computer room 'studying', or when they are tucked away with a laptop in a corner. They were made aware of the dangers that come with 'Social Media', and the risks of posting to these sites. Along with this session, the girls were given a tutorial on how to have a personal facebook page that is CONTENT APPROPRIATE and most importantly SAFE, a place where you can make friends wisely.

On the same Friday 7th of October, was our baby's 3rd birthday. After the session, everyone gather around a birthday cake to sing Happy Birthday, light sparklers and wish her a new year. Here at OBV, we are really every girl's second family, and we're all lucky to be a part of it. Thank you Duy for also remembering to fit in your family, even on a Friday night, to give the girls a happy night with love and laughter.

Oct 9, 2016


Translated by Jacqueline Huynh.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Buổi Học Kỹ Năng Tháng 10 Cùng Các Con OBV VN"

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