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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 00:00

Daily activities - OBV Cambodia - Help each others to learn how to Self-defense

There were only eight kids of all ages at our home when Professor Jesse came to teach us how to self-defense. How about the new-coming kids? Who would teach them the martial arts as the other of OBV family members?

All parents felt happy to see we were practicing the moves when they visited their children. One day, Y's father came and uttered surprisingly when he saw his daughter practicing her lesson: "Do you know how to self-defense? Great! Take a fight to see how strong you are (he knows the martial arts well.) He held a mattress and asked Y to take her action. After a couple of minutes, he stopped Y and said proudly "You are so strong!"

Although the schooling year had started, we managed to practice the lesson twice a week. In every session, our juniors and seniors spent much time in teaching new comers every act of the art, such as say hello, push-up, and so on.

At first, we found push-up not easy to learn, but we tried to do our best. As a result, we now master the lesson.

SL was the newest comer (who was in a blue blouse), and she was practicing the lesson.

We taught each others because we curretnly had no instructors. During the classes, we always keep in our minds the saying of Mr. Jesse: "fight fast, fight strong!" because we understand that life is not easy! We do not only go to school everyday or visit our families sometimes, but we will also meet a lot of obstacles.

OBV Cambodia


Translated by Chinh Tran.

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