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Sunday, 21 February 2016 00:00

A Journey Diary

An old article...

Photos "Love Journey" at Phuoc Lam parish - Ba Ria Vung Tau

Photos "Love Journey" at Lai On parish - Dong Nai

Photos "Love For Keep" at Bui Mon parish - Sai Gon

At 12:30 Pm on January 1st, 2011, we departed HCM city on our "Love Connection Journey" to Phuoc Lam parish, Ba Ria, Vung Tau. Journey participants include Father Nguyen Ba Thong, the psychologists, the educators, the medical doctors, and the collaborators of the Bridge to Happiness Center. Our journey departed from HCM city to Phuoc Lam parish, Our Lady of Bai Dau, and our final destination was Lai On parish, Ho Nai, Dong Nai.

To kick off the trip, Ms Yen Thao, the center director, announced the trip schedule. Then everyone were given snacks and water for nourishment. During the trip, we were entertained with games, songs, and other activities directed by our tour guide Mr. Nguyen The Khanh and Mr. Trung Kham played the guitar. Throughout the trip, we all immersed in many diferent activities which brought all of us closer together.

We arrived at Phuoc Lam parish, Ba Ria at 4 PM. Each of us lent a hands to prepare for the convention at 7:30 PM. the atmosphere was bustling and jolly.

At 7:30 PM, the stage was ready for Rev. Martino Nguyen ba Thong to deliver his speech on the topic of "Ultimate Love"

After the introduction of the two MC Anh Khoa and Dong Quan, Rev. Martino Nguyen Ba Thong shared his ideas about how to love and how to keep that relationship pure and lasting. Rev. Martino speech delivered to the youth one surprise after another with the ideas "No touching" in romantic love. The youth were very pleased and agreed with Father Thong ideas about romantic love.

After Rev. Martino seminar on the topic "Ultimate Love", the singer Ha Bao Thu entertained the youth with songs titled "The Way of Love" and "I Will Follow You". The youth joined in the singing and dancing.

After singer Ha Bao Thu performance, Mr Nguyen The Khanh, director of OBV in Vietnam shared the mission of his organization. According to Mr Nguyen, One Body Village is a non-profit organization whose mission is rescuing and preventing child sex exploitation and trafficking. The audiences listened intensely to Rev. Martino speech and MC Cristin Sa (SBTN TV station, USA) on child sex trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia. OBV asked everyone to lend a hand to fight child sex trafficking and exploitation in Vietnam.

The second part of our convention based on the topic "How to Keep Your Lover." The speaker presented the steps for the youth to keep someone they love. The steps include (discovery, fall in love, engagement, marriage). According to Rev. Martino, the youth today could not maitain their love and their lover since they follow the the steps in the reverse order (marriage, engagement, fall in love, discovery)

Conclude the seminar is the Questions and Answers between the audience and Rev. Martino.

At 10:30 PM, we depart Phuoc Lam for "Our Lady of Bai Dau." On arrival, Sister Maria Ta Thi Mao assigned our hotel rooms.

At midnight on January 15th, 2011, we began our campfire on the beach. Everyone gathered around the bonfire singing, dancing, playing games, releasing stress, BBQing, etc...The atmosphere was warm and full of brotherhood under Rev. Martino prayers and sharing. At 2:30 AM, we returned to our hotel for a restful night and be ready for tomorrow.

At 10 AM on January 15th, 2011, we attended the mass at Our Lady of Bai Dau church. Each of us have a chance to calm our minds, to look deep into ourselves, our relationship with other around us, especially those are less fortunate than us.

At 1:30 PM, we left Vung Tau for Lai On parish, Dong Nai. This is the final stop of our trip.

Our journey ended well in the hands of God. Our delegation returned to Saigon at midnight on January 16th, 2011. Our journey ended but it is a beginning for a new mission for each of us to connect with others in loving, communion , and sharing. With our good deeds, we delivered joy, laughter, happiness, and peace to those around us.

OBV Vietnam

Jan 2011

Translated by Tom Nguyen.  Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Ghi Nhận Từ Một Hành Trình"

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