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An overnight journey brought her home to the OBV House. She was really looking forward to the day when she would live in a new environment, with no more hunger, no more fear of her mom "using" her to earn money, and not being the center of the neighborhood gossip. Her great grandmother took care of her since she was only one year old. She felt uneasy leaving her great grandmother alone, whose eyes were dim. Who would hang and stow a mosquito net for her great grandmother every night? But her great grandmother tried to put her mind at ease and encourage her: "You just do your best and study hard, that makes me happy. I will be fine."

Bé Tr  

She was a sexual exploitation case which OBV had followed for more than a year. It was not easy to build trust with the young girl and her great grandmother: they live in the poor countryside over 300km from Saigon. Throughout the last year, OBV visited them four times and made many phone calls to get to know them and encourage them. I knew that it would be very difficult for a great grandmother to send her granddaughter away to the OBV home. She loved her so very much, and she was advanced in age. She said that she wanted her granddaughter by her side until she passed away. However, her love for her granddaughter was greater than her own needs, and she let her go so that she could have a brighter future. Her granddaughter's happiness is also her own.

When all of the paperwork was completed, OBV came to pick them both up. The great grandmother cooked a hearty meal with all her granddaughter's favorite foods. I loved the great grandmother very much; though I knew her granddaughter had a brighter future with OBV, leaving the grandmother alone panged my heart

Bé Tr 

A bed was the only place in their house to sit on, where they ate, slept, studied…

Bé Tr 

Bé Tr 

They came to OBV house - a new home where she felt secure for her niece’s living.

That night's car ride, the two of them could not sleep; perhaps it was the mixture of joy and sadness that is so hard to comprehend..



Translated by Chuyện Người Trẻ and Maria. Original version in Vietnamese entitled:"Chuyến xe đêm"

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