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Thursday, 20 August 2015 00:00

Household Chaos and New Little Projects For Kids

People says that "Living with kids is inherently chaotic" or "Children are messy". So when these words "household chaos" are mentioned in the family with 12 kids from various circumstances, it is very normal. However, it is not to me for our 12 kids, in my opinion, are very good girls, at least since I put my first step in this family.

Look back a month and learn experiences to be better every day

Break the rules, coming to table for meal late, ignore some comments given by Mom Phuong, untidy, inattention and suddenly hyperactivity, etc.
The retreat of all OBV child caring staff last month and my wedding kept me in Vietnam for a month. I missed them so much. This time I arrange an hour right after night praying to see the children and have a talk to them. The only question I wanted to ask them was why they have messed up everything (as Mom Phuong said and as I witnessed the last 2 days). But no, I asked them how they felt after Dr. Thanh Tam left 2 weeks ago. "How do you behave, when I was absent?". "Not well, I know" every child mumbled. Pretending cannot hear them, I repeated the question louder. The children one by one named their bad behaviors and promised to apologize Ma Phuong, sister Nimol for all bad behaviors during last month. They also promised to correct their mistakes right away.

By the way, I informed them the little project to plant vegetables on balcony, the kids are going to be divided in 4 or 6 groups to plant and take care of their own vegetables during free time and harvest for their pocket money/allowance.

12 little pretty bags of the kids (whenever a kid wants to give a praise or comment or even wants to contribute any idea to her sister, she will write a note and send to the "target" bag of her sister. They also can write to themselves). Every month (may be every 2 weeks, child caring staff will read all and have a talk to the kids for sharing.

Ng - OBV Cambodia Director


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