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Daily Activities

From January 2015 – OBV will post some of our DAILY activities (especially our children) on our website!  Please follow them – to see how they grow!  Thank you for being part of our children’s lives!

As any other families, OBV children are expected to do the house chores.

The training held at the Red Cross from 3/10/2015 to 3/13/2015 by volunteer doctor group named Project Vietnam Foundation. Dr. Thanh Tam and other doctors brought knowledgeable and practical information to the trainees which can be applied in daily life or on the jobs they are pursuing (such as servicing, helping children ...) 

Picture date taken 3/7/2015

Dr. Thanh-Tam, Dr. Duy-An and Sister N at OBV Vietnam House in 9th district

Picture date taken 3-6-2015

Dr. Thanh-Tam joins the Project Vietnam Foundation with Medical Mission 2015

On February 26, 2015, Father Tịch and his delegation –including Fr. Tiến and several members of the congregation currently providing their assistance and services in Vietnam – accompanied Mr. An Duy Nguyễn to Cambodia with the hopes to be able to extend their services in the country of Cambodia. During this trip, Father Tịch and Father Tiến were able to visit the OBV house, as well as celebrate mass to pray for peace and blessings to the OBV family.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 00:00

Daily Activities - Welcome Ms Thao

Picture date taken 3-4-2015

(Ms. Phuong Thao in a trip of "Search - Visit - Rescue")

OBV Vietnam welcomed our new member - Ms Phuong Thao.  She was an enthusiastic volunteer for OBV for a long time.  Now she spends her entire time to work for OBV.

Picture date taken 2/27/2015

Picture date taken 2/26 and 2/27, 2015


At St Joseph Catholic Church Phnom Penh (Feb 26, 2015)

Thursday, 05 March 2015 00:00

OBV Children - Daily Activities

Picture date taken 2-26-2015

Ms. QA is a psychologist in Vietnam who works for OBV.  In the past few days, Dr. Duy-An (OBV President) and her have come to OBV Cambodia.  She spent time to meet each OBV children to learn more information in order to complete each individual profile.

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