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Monday, 04 April 2016 00:00

Visiting the children


Wednesday, 30 March 2016 06:12

To love a child with all your heart

There's never been a visitor to OBV, that have met the girls, played and get to know them....and has never come back. Ms. Lien is no different, only this time was more special than last time. Ms. Lien came with her husband --Mr. Mark, a Westerner with a genuine heart; and her friend, Lisa. All three of them are kind hearted souls.

phuc sinh 

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 08:14

Easter eggs - Where are they?

Unlike previous years, this year there was no frantic Easter Egg hunt in the garden, and like wise, there was no need for Mother N to sneak out in the middle of the night to hide the eggs. Instead, this year all the eggs could be found in a tub with about 3kg of flour.

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