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Thursday, 28 April 2016 01:55

Feelings from a very special guest

The first moment to make acquaintance with the girls in OBV Cambodia:

A wonderful and colorful sweet soup shop with various kinds of desserts, many choices but only Cambodian palm sweet soup did attract most of them.

Some exciting game competition and the innocence of the kids shown when they played by the bank of the Mekong river.

A quiet and peace moment at the end of the day for the night prayer to thank God and thank each other with the participant of the “four legs member of family”-a loving dog MiMi as well.

May such bright smiles always blossom on their lips and may such blissful moments of peace be bestowed upon their lives forever and ever.



Peter Duy Nguyen

OBV Cambodia

April 2016

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 00:00

Updates on our granddaughter

It's been 10 days since we first started caring for Baby, and there have been some minor troubles as there are 'misunderstandings' between Baby and the family, due to communicaton barriers, or perhaps because we are not yet familiar with all her habits.

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And so, a schedule has been set up for Baby, with details on when she will cry, when she will be off looking for something to do, and so on. These first 10 days, the entire household has been following Baby's schedule, but slowly we will make sure Baby follows the house schedule. Overall, it's not to difficult. Back at her home, she was left on her own anyway, ignored and without anyone caring for her, so having to integrate her 'independence' with a set schedule hasn't been hard, minus the hours where she becomes fussy.

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Baby weighed in at 11kg on her first day....10 days later, she has gained 1 kg, with a clean bill of health. 
We love our little Baby, and every now and then she says the cutest things, with other times saying equally heartbreaking sentences, such as 'Mama T has left me'. Just imagine, a child barely 3 years old with neither of her parents, how heartbroken it must be to hear her say those words. 
Even though feeding and raising Baby takes a lot of time and effort....even though her cries sometimes disrupt the rest of the house and she has to stay in Grandmother N's room to ensure the other girls can's a battle the whole family accepts to take on.

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Because love means to overlook every other obstacle!!!
Translated by Jacqueline Huynh. Original version in Vietnamese entitled:"TÌNH HÌNH CHÁU NGOẠI"
Monday, 25 April 2016 00:54

A granddaughter

As previously reported, OBV has just welcomed home a baby girl of almost 3 years old, without much difficult since she has her aunt (a survivor who has been with OBV for the last 6 years).

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We can only pray and hope that one day our doors will permanently close, because we've managed to abolish child sex abuse, but this is almost a heartbreaking unrealistic goal. As more and more cases come to light, OBV cannot simply close our eyes, our arms, our hearts and not take any action to it....
After going through all the required paperwork and procedures to take on this baby, her young mother bravely wiped her tears as she said goodbye to her child, and boarded a bus, not daring to look back a final time. I could feel her pain, knowing she only wanted peace and a safe environment from her child, and not have to carry her all day, every day, while running and hiding from the child's 'Grandfather'. In the dead of that very same night, we received a call from the young mother begging for help and immediately jumped in a car to trek 70km to help her in any way we could.
We encouraged her to leave that house (the grandfather's house) immediately, and to find a safer location where should could start over, and slowly rebuild her life. We told her whenever she was strong enough, and felt she was confident enough in safe conditions, she could come and be reunited with her child.
At the moment, our youngest child is adjusting well, and we will send her to school soon. She calls Mother N 'grandmother', which is only fitting, since her aunt, Miss T, is also one of OBV's children. From here on, a lot of time will have to be dedicated to the baby, to look after her and soothe her when she cries. Her first night at the house, she stayed up late. It was already 11pm and yet she insisted her aunt take her to Mother N's room to see if 'Grandmother' was asleep. Adorable!
After school, the other children of OBV crowd around their newst sister and ooh and aah over her. There are so many sisters, that Baby is never alone, and each sister fights to have a minute to hold the baby.
Our baby can eat by herself, and after every meal, copies her older sisters by packing up the chairs, cleaning tables and folding napkins. 
Mother N and Miss T (Baby's aunt) are her primary caretakers, bathing her and helping her settle in. But, being a child, there is a still a communication barrier, and sometimes when she is misunderstood, our baby will 'swear', repeating words she had picked up in her previous environment.
Her aunt also needs to study, which is difficult with Baby insisting on playing at all hours, but luckily, she is also just as easily entertained with her new grandmother.

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OBV house has a 'granddaughter' now....but should we be happy, or sad? Will our house eventually see anyone even younger than she?
Translated by Jacqueline Huynh. Original version in Vietnamese entitled:"ĐỨA CHÁU NGOẠI"
Friday, 22 April 2016 00:52

Let OBV’s mission known


OBV has conducted our mission to prevent child sexual abuse since 2009. At that time, we came to “open every door” and insisted on cooperating with many people, but the things we received were somehow only promises without any actions, or even certain “conditions” out of our reach. We have never given up; day-by-day we attempted to get access to remote areas, meet parents and get them know how to help their children aware of the risks involved with sexual abuse. We came to some places that we have contacts with first, and then other places where the government officials were very interested in and enthusiastic about our mission. Over the years, we have never ceased our efforts to overcome obstacles by obstacles. In general, we can win people’s trust for our work. However, we sometimes have to use “finance” to convince people from rural areas to come to listen to the issues that they need to know for the sake of protecting their children. We even had to pay for their off day  so that they could attend the talks attentively without worrying at all. Some locals really welcome us, while others just have to because of their seniors’ command. It doesn’t matter how they behave; we still keep going.

Today, we’ve received contacts from two official media offices. They would like to be one of our partners in OBV’s mission. Nothing is happier than you are not lonely on your road; the road sure will be shorter.

It is hoped that OBV’s house where the abused children are brought up at present will be closed one day! If all of us join hands to raise all the society classes’ awareness that children are not sexual tools for anyone.     

Will our dreams come true? The answer is for each of us.

Translated by Phuong Do. Original version in Vietnamese entitled:"Công tác tuyên truyền của OBV"






Wednesday, 20 April 2016 00:53


Favorite game of the girls is jumping onto the bed and fighting with pillows

The girls are always excited to be participating in dramatic play and write their own story, assign each role to every "actor" etc

 OBV Cambodia

April 2016

Friday, 15 April 2016 00:00


Rescuing and helping sexually exploited and trafficked children is OBV mission.
However, the children have the choice to choose which path they do down, with OBV always providing moral support and creating conditions and opportunities for a better life so that whatever option they choose, the child is safe and happy.
The process to bring a child home to the OBV house involves staff thoroughly learning about the child's condition, by reaching out to the child, to meet and chat with the child's fammily and the local authorities. Next, the family and the child is invited to OBV house. Once they have seen the new living condtions, the family and child can determine if the child will join the family or if OBV can support them by other means.



Today, a 16 year old child, after having been reached out to several times, asked to visit our home. Her initial feeling was that she very much liked it there. OBV will carry out all other neccesary work to bring her home to us.




Translated by Jacqueline Huynh. Original version in Vietnamese entitled:"CON THĂM NHÀ"

Wednesday, 13 April 2016 00:00

The brave girl


Going through a long road in the heat of April, I finally met her. She is really brave; she dares to fight against her relatives’ immorality by accusing of their behavior though she knows that lots of rumor will come to her. She stands up for the sake of a teenage girl who wants to find the way for her own future.  




When we come to pick up her for a visit to OBV’s house, it’s really interesting to hear to the conversation between her and her younger sister.

She: Do you study hard? Are there any days off?

Her sister: Yes, I study very hard, no days off.

She: But I heard that you have some days off. Dare you tell lies to me?

Her sister: Only Friday, because the teacher didn’t come to class…


She acts like a very powerful elder sister (though she is just a stepsister) when she asked and even threatened her sister with a very lovely voice. I believe that her great courage will help her grow up and be a good example for her sister to follow.

See you, the brave girl, in the happy house where you will be definitely happy!



Translated by Phuong Do. Original version in Vietnamese entitled:"Cô bé can đảm"



Dr. Ehum and the OBV-Cambodia children

Only a few months out of every year do our kids recieve visitors who come and stay with them at the OBV house, not just donate money and toys. Dr. Ehum, Mr. And Mrs. Kingston stayed with the girls for several days and got to know their daily routines, as well as got to know them on a personal level by playing games with them and making them feel special.

Monday, 11 April 2016 00:00


Let's forget about all that happened before bringing the girls to their new home with OBV. "Van su khoi dau nan" where everything, including our house, was either borrowed or rented. These past three years, thanks the love and generosity of our supporters, our OBV children can finally say they have their own home. However, care for the house must be made every day, with additions and renovations being made, until finally...the management team are at ease knowing the that girls are safe and at peace.

Although the garden is not very large, the team at the house continue to develop it, not leaving any inch unused, to the point where Father Thong said 'Mother! You keep planting every thing to the point it makes my head spin when I look at it!'. But you know what Father? Despite your head spins, it provides lots of shade and the perfect environment for our girls and visitors alike. Many plants have produced flowers or fruits, and the fruits have readily been eaten. Our big failure would be the sugarcane plants your brought back from Lao Cai...they couldn't survive the Saigon environment. 

But that's not all. Mother also now has a mini acquarium and bird enclosure where the kids can hang out and relax while watching the animals play. It is also healing, to the human soul.

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Friday, 08 April 2016 00:00

My Dream - Can it ever become reality?

As a child, she suffered alone, with no parents, no next of kin. When a couple adopted her, she dared to dream that my life would become brighter, but...who would ever imagine that the roof they supplied would become a life of pain and sorrow. 

She was only allowed to study to 5th grade, when she was forced to drop school and take up the life of a street kid to earn money for her adoptive parents: through begging, selling lottery tickets, working in coffee shops....


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