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Dr. Ehum and the OBV-Cambodia children

Only a few months out of every year do our kids recieve visitors who come and stay with them at the OBV house, not just donate money and toys. Dr. Ehum, Mr. And Mrs. Kingston stayed with the girls for several days and got to know their daily routines, as well as got to know them on a personal level by playing games with them and making them feel special.

Monday, 11 April 2016 00:00


Let's forget about all that happened before bringing the girls to their new home with OBV. "Van su khoi dau nan" where everything, including our house, was either borrowed or rented. These past three years, thanks the love and generosity of our supporters, our OBV children can finally say they have their own home. However, care for the house must be made every day, with additions and renovations being made, until finally...the management team are at ease knowing the that girls are safe and at peace.

Although the garden is not very large, the team at the house continue to develop it, not leaving any inch unused, to the point where Father Thong said 'Mother! You keep planting every thing to the point it makes my head spin when I look at it!'. But you know what Father? Despite your head spins, it provides lots of shade and the perfect environment for our girls and visitors alike. Many plants have produced flowers or fruits, and the fruits have readily been eaten. Our big failure would be the sugarcane plants your brought back from Lao Cai...they couldn't survive the Saigon environment. 

But that's not all. Mother also now has a mini acquarium and bird enclosure where the kids can hang out and relax while watching the animals play. It is also healing, to the human soul.

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Friday, 08 April 2016 00:00

My Dream - Can it ever become reality?

As a child, she suffered alone, with no parents, no next of kin. When a couple adopted her, she dared to dream that my life would become brighter, but...who would ever imagine that the roof they supplied would become a life of pain and sorrow. 

She was only allowed to study to 5th grade, when she was forced to drop school and take up the life of a street kid to earn money for her adoptive parents: through begging, selling lottery tickets, working in coffee shops....


Wednesday, 06 April 2016 00:00

The lesson from Dad


Dad has finished the five-day trip in Vietnam. This was five days working constantly with a very busy schedule with individuals as well as groups.

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