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Dr. Thanh-Tam -- A trip in Asia Countries 3-2016


Preparing to meet the OBV children in Vietnam

Early morning lecture with Dr. Thanh Tam. Relevant for the prevention of abuse/trafficking of children with special needs.
Dr. Thanh Tam is OBV Chair of the board! She is doing her annual trip to south East Asia to check on and work with OBV Staff - She is currently in VN - and also teaching a few class with Project Vietnam Headed by Dr. Quynh Kieu!
We are always giving thanks to the Lord for sending to OBV family such an amazing, kind heart Doctor! we are proud of you Dr. Thanh Tam

Seminar on child development. This is important for doctors of Vietnam to understand, so they may pass this knowledge to parents with children with disabilities. This in turn can prevent the abuse and/or trafficking of our most vulnerable.

If you have or know someone with a child of special needs (autism/ADHD etc), please feel free to ask our doctors. They can guide you on methods on how to continue to be a positive influence for your child.

There were only eight kids of all ages at our home when Professor Jesse came to teach us how to self-defense. How about the new-coming kids? Who would teach them the martial arts as the other of OBV family members?

All parents felt happy to see we were practicing the moves when they visited their children. One day, Y's father came and uttered surprisingly when he saw his daughter practicing her lesson: "Do you know how to self-defense? Great! Take a fight to see how strong you are (he knows the martial arts well.) He held a mattress and asked Y to take her action. After a couple of minutes, he stopped Y and said proudly "You are so strong!"

Friday, 19 February 2016 00:00

Year-End Meeting

Like every other year, the parents of our children arrived to take the girls home to their villages to celebrate Tet, and to have a quick gathering where they can talk to one another as well as to Mother N. Similar to a parent-teacher event.
During this year's meeting, Mother N reminded the parents of all the benefits the children have when they are sponsored by OBV. They are cared for, provided an educated, and everything else they could possibly need. Alongside, other benefits include the girls' responsibility as members of the OBV family to try their hardest to grow everyday, and the parents should continually work with the children, and encourage them to ensure they make progress.

Họp phụ huynh 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 00:00

A big surprise at the end of the year

As usual, Ms N., the voluntary teacher comes to teach primary children after the dinner. It’s 30 minutes late now and she hasn’t come yet; the children are still waiting for her.

Suddenly the doorbell rings; all the children come out to see her. There appear lots of cakes and candies on her bike; she wants to meet the manager sister right away instead of coming to class. She said “ Could you please allow us to have a party to night because I have prepared everything?”

Then all members of the house gather together to celebrate the party. There’s no ice available in the fridge, so some children takes bikes to go out for buying it. However, Ms N. would like to take care of everything; she immediately rides her bike, buys necessary things and comes back with lots of sweat on her face.

Cô giáo dạy kèm lì xi 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 00:00

Picking New Year's luck

 An old article...

OBV family praying to Virgin Mary

It was the 1st of January, 2013. It marked the beginning of another year and reminded of the commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. The OBV Vietnam home went picking New Year's luck. Before going, we gathered at the altar of Virgin Mary and saints for a prayer. Mother N, then, said "not until today that people start this tradition, Eva was the first ever of men to 'pick new year's luck'. God has blessed Eva and Adam, and given them authority over His creations that they rejoiced in. Though, for disobeying God, the fruits from Eden were ridded of them; the two hid away from God's love. It was such a sad tale of a woman 'picking new year's luck'. But have men learned what 'luck' they've been lacking? I'm telling this story not for the sake of superstition, rather than reminding you to be better aware that as the new year is an important time for all of us we only wish the best for each other, and try to stay clear of mistakes for a good and peaceful year throughout." She quoted a prayer from the readings this morning, O Lord, turn Thy face toward us and give us peace.

Sunday, 21 February 2016 00:00

A Journey Diary

An old article...

Photos "Love Journey" at Phuoc Lam parish - Ba Ria Vung Tau

Photos "Love Journey" at Lai On parish - Dong Nai

Photos "Love For Keep" at Bui Mon parish - Sai Gon

At 12:30 Pm on January 1st, 2011, we departed HCM city on our "Love Connection Journey" to Phuoc Lam parish, Ba Ria, Vung Tau. Journey participants include Father Nguyen Ba Thong, the psychologists, the educators, the medical doctors, and the collaborators of the Bridge to Happiness Center. Our journey departed from HCM city to Phuoc Lam parish, Our Lady of Bai Dau, and our final destination was Lai On parish, Ho Nai, Dong Nai.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 00:00

Mission Trip 2016

Mission Trip 1 - 2016

Friday, 15 January 2016 00:00

Papa' birthday

Tomorrow is Papa'birthday, and the children of OBV competed to see who could write the most loving tribute to their beloved father. (Some extracts from letters the girls wrote to Father Martino)

"Thank you father, for allowing me to go back to school. I heard mother say that the 13th of January is your birthday. I don't have any presents to give you. During the last exams, I was given a certificate of high achievements. I want to send you my certificate as my birthday present to you. I wish you a happy birthday. I wish you success in all of your work and good health. I promise to always be a good student, to pay off on all the sacrifices that you made for us."

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