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Saturday, 05 November 2011 21:57

Thank you Letter from Wichita and Financial report

Thank You



September 29, 2011

To our dearest friends in the Wichita - KS area,

On behalf of One Body Village and our children who were forced to endure sexual exploitation, I would like to sincerely thank

  • Mr. Phong Hà and his family
  • Mr. Duy Nguyễn and Huynh Trưởng đoàn Kitô Vua
  • Mr. Long Nguyễn and Thanh Niên’s members
  • Mr. David Nguyễn and VSA’s members
  • Miss Vân Nguyễn and performers
  • Đồng Hành members
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tuyến & Vân for the soup
  • Mr. and Mrs. Minh & Chi for the gỏi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tùng & Trâm for the fried rice
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thành & Hà and Mrs. Hậu for the curry
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lộc & Oanh for the desert
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tú & Oanh for the bún
  • Đông Phương for free radio broadcasting; Tạp Trí Trẻ, Tô Châu Restaurant, Thái An Market, Đông Phương & Thiên Ân Market for help selling tickets.

As well as all of the wonderful volunteers for your hard work and dedication. Their passion and love resulted in a successful Awareness Event, “Hãy nói thay cho em – Be Their Voice” on the 25th of September, 2011 in Wichita, KS with over 200 in attendance!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters and benefactors who helped selling tickets, attended the event, listened to the plight of our children, and took part in helping One Body Village continue to be able to continue its mission! Each of you are truly THE VOICE of the children!

With your help, One Body Village was able to raise $2,161.00 through your kindhearted donations and $1,168.00 T-shirt sales.

Your contributions, whether financial, through prayers, or support not only allows you to “be a voice” for the children, but also provides them with opportunities for a brighter future full of hope, and happiness – because they know they are not alone and that they are loved.

Your love, prayers, and support also serve as encouragement to all at One Body Village during times of danger and hardship.  With your partnership, we pledge to continue our rescue mission, and save our children from “Hell on Earth.” Please continue to combat Child Sex Slavery with us! Again, we extend our deepest gratitude; may the Lord bless you and your family.

On behalf of the children and One Body Village,




Financial Report

25 September 2011 Wichita - KS


Location rental and Security cost $865
Food & Drink cost $952
Entertainment cost $900
Office supplies cost $15
  Total Expenses $2,732
Tickets Sale $4,696
T-shirt Sale $1,168
  Total Incomes $5,864
   TOTAL EVENT $3,132

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