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Tuesday, 08 November 2016 00:11

What to prepare for OBV mission trip


- The intent of this mission trip is to expose you to all issues surrounding child sex exploitation and trafficking. You will meet the survivors, and visit areas from where they were trafficked. You will be exposed to issues of adverse childhood factors impacting child development, poverty, discrimination, corruption, that contribute to the proliferation of sex trafficking. At the same time, we want to shine light on organizations like One Body Village and individual people that take steps to end child sexual exploitation and human trafficking!

- You may not DO a lot, but you are there to LEARN. Open your mind, your eyes, your ears, your sense of smell and touch, your heart to see, hear, and UNDERSTAND. And when you come back home, you can DO a lot of GOOD with whatever your heart and mind tell you. It may be with One Body Village, or it may be down another path. We’re not selfish!


- When you book your flight to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), make sure you also apply for a multiple-entry Visa since you’ll be entering/exiting Vietnam more than once. Check with your travel agent or your country's Department of State (In US, check

- Trip cancellation/ travel loss insurance is a personal choice, and is recommended.

- Travel medical insurance is mandatory. Please send proof of travel medical insurance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


- We recommend carry-on baggage and personal items only, since we will be traveling a lot. It saves us money but most importantly, it saves us time. Pack light! Check your airlines (international & domestic) for baggage rules as they differ.

- Prepare personal items for comfort during the really long trips (including plane rides, bus rides etc)

- Exchange money in your original countries for ready use upon arrival.

- If you need a phone, SIM card-enabled phone is recommended or can be purchased upon arrival (but may take time).

- Keep all important paperwork & money with you at all time.

- Conservative clothing (t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, long pants) is encouraged since we will be visiting many conservative locals and community leaders in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

- Be sure to pack a sweater. It can get cold at night!

- Face masks are a personal choice, but highly recommended. It can get very dusty in SouthEast Asia!

- Comfortable shoes are recommended. We will be doing a lot of walking!

- Hats and sunscreen are recommended. It can be very hot in SE Asia!


- If you have a serious medical condition and in need of medications, please get medical clearance from your doctor and notify Fr. Martino.

- Pre-travel consultation and vaccinations are recommended at least 2-8 weeks prior to travel. Visit your local travel clinic. For example, vaccination for tetanus/diphtheria, typhoid, hepatitis A, and diarrhea self-treatment are recommended for our itinerary. We do not normally enter malaria zones; therefore, malaria prophylaxis may not be needed. However, with weather and environmental fluctuations, we cannot guarantee.

- Basic first aid supplies that you may want to consider bringing with you: antibiotic ointment, bandages/gauze, and electrolyte replacement.

- Other supplies that you may want to consider: mosquito repellent, basic analgesics/ antipyretics (e.g., acetaminophen, ibuprofen), anti-nausea medications (e.g., non-drowsy dimenhydrinate/ Gravol) and hand sanitizer. Medications in VN may not carry same names as what you have in your countries; therefore, prepare own supplies. If you do not use them at the end of your trip, you may consider donation.

- We will have access to bottled water throughout the trip. No need to worry!


To decrease your risk of traveler’s diarrhea, consider the following general recommendations:

- Eat fully cooked foods only. Avoid raw fish, meat and vegetables.

- Drink bottled and boiled water/drinks only. Bottled water will be readily available throughout the trip.

- Eat fruits and vegetables that you can wash, cut and peel yourself. Pre-washed and pre-cut fruits and vegetables increases your risk of diarrhea.

- Eat local dry snack with caution.

- It is recommended to bring own food if you have strict dietary restrictions.


- Gifts and donations for the OBV children are welcome! Nothing fancy, because our philosophy is that we do not want to spoil our children. Nothing made in China please.

Some ideas are:

o Personal hygiene supplies
o Coloring books & coloring pencils
o School supplies
o Sunscreen/ Lip balms
o Over the counter medications (e.g., acetaminophen, ibuprofen, vitamins, non-drowsy motion sickness medicine – the children get terribly car sick!)
o Board games, educational games/ fun group games
o If you’re unsure, just ask!

- OBV reserves the right the pool gifts and divide among our homes so all children may get gifts.

- Gifts and donations for the locals and villagers are also welcome! Nothing made in China please. Some ideas are:

o Food, snacks, candy
o Toys (ie, stuffed animals, coloring books & pencils...) for the village children
o Red envelopes for Tết = Lunar New Year.


- Talk to your team leader to get contact information for your family.

- For your security: Group needs to stay together. Do NOT separate and go on your own (sightseeing, get food, bathroom breaks ...) without knowledge and approval from team leader.

- You will agree and sign Confidentiality Agreement before you will meet OBV children. No exception!

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