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Board of Directors / President

Dr. Thanh Tam was trained in Pediatrics/Adolescence as well as Internal Medicine. She has been a physician for 20+ years and has worked in the hospital, academic settings, primary care private practice, child abuse clinic in Reno, Nevada and is currently work as public health medical officer for Orange County, California.


John Duy-An Nguyen, PhD, is the first president of One Body Village. Before joining OBV in 2013, he held appointments at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Kay Jewelers, SmartSoft Technology, TRW, and National Geographic, where he spent 15 years with the last position as Senior Vice President of Information Systems and Technology. He is also a member of IBM Technical Advisory Board, NEXTGEN International Advisory Panel, Midmarket CIO Forum, Enterprise Mobility Forum Advisory Board, and Vietnam One, the first Vietnamese Content News and Lifestyle Programs Channel in the United States. In addition, he was an OBV Board member from 2008 to 2011, and was instrumental in creating the OBV By-Laws in its beginning.

Before leaving Vietnam in 1983, John had studied for priesthood in St. Paul seminary of Xuan-Loc Diocese for ten (10) years. Therefore, after working in Business Management and Information Technology for three (3) decades, he took early retirement and looked for ways to fulfill his childhood dream of serving God's children. He participated in the OBV's May 2013 Mission Trip led by Fr. Martino Nguyen – founder of OBV to witness first-hand the poverty, the oppression, the lack of shelter, food, and amenities of our people, as well as the commercial trafficking of children in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore. The experience from this trip reassured his decision to "BE A VOICE, LEND A HAND, MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and SAVE A LIFE" when joining the OBV management team. He joined the team, he came, he saw with his own eyes, and he decided to continue following God's call to serve His children through OBV mission.

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Organization Chart

 “Life is not simple or easy. No pain no gain! Everything has a price and you either pay for it now or after with interest.” This is Tiffany’s philosophy. 

Tiffany grew up in difficult times where people hustle for the bare necessities of life, and through this harsh reality, she quickly learned that nothing comes easy.  Throughout her upbringing in Vietnam and in the States, Tiffany worked diligently to attain her current status and intellectual wealth.  When confronted with life's calamity, with her tenacity and bold spirit, Tiffany has managed to overcome all obstacles.  With this mindset, she perceived OBV as a monumental challenge.  Just as Tiffany successfully conquered all barriers to her success, she is determined to subdue this task of bringing people together to BE A VOICE, LEND A HAND, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of sexually abused children.  

Tiffany graduated from The Missouri University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor in Science in Electrical Engineer.  She is currently an engineer at a major aircraft corporation in Wichita, KS.  In addition to her involvement in OBV, she is also a youth-leader in the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society in St. Louis, MO and Wichita, KS.   

Having experienced the detriment of social injustice first hand, Mr. Son Nguyen is a fervent believer that everyone deserves a just and dignified life.  Born in Saigon, Son left Vietnam in 1981 to seek asylum in Thailand as a refugee. Shortly after, he was adopted by an American military family and emigrated to Frankfurt, West Germany. In 1985, Son reunited with his biological family in Seattle, Washington.  

A character true to his name, Son has been dubbed as the "mover of mountains".  With his ability to stand firm in wavering environments, a goal driven personality, harmonious appeal and fierce temperament, Son gets the job done.  At present, Son serves as the Director of Software Applications Architecture for LeasePlan, Atlanta, GA.   His prior professional experiences include leadership positions with Boeing, IBM, Ryder, CSX, and Bax.  Son has a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington.

Over the years, Son utilizes his leadership talents not only in career advancement but also in community development. He currently serves as the Director of Administration for One Body Village.  In this capacity, Son is committed to combat the injustice of child sexual exploitation.  In addition, Son also chairs the Finance Council (a multimillion dollar renovation project) for the Holy Martyrs of Vietnam Catholic Church in Atlanta. Previously, Son managed the Worship Commission, Discipleship and Hospitality Ministries.

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Tiffany Pham, MSW; Board Member


After spending several years in the District of Columbia working with the mental health population, substance abusers and the homelessness, Tiffany came to known as a "jewel" within her professional circle. As a bilingual clinician with a wealth of knowledge on cross-cultural issues, she is a rare commodity to us all. Tiffany comes across as a soft spoken person, yet her stamina is tough as "diamond." While growing up, she fled Vietnam with her family during the "boat people" wave, this exposure to the detriment environment at an early age led Tiffany to her vocation of serving disadvantage individuals.

Tiffany received her Master of Social Work from Howard University. At present, she serves as a mental health social worker in Arlington County Behavioral Health Division. Her prior clinical experiences include the Psychiatric Center Chartered and Community Connections in Washington DC.

Rising from humble beginnings as a refugee from Vietnam, Father Martino became one of the youngest and reputable catholic priests among the Vietnamese enclaves in the U.S.  Long before receiving his Master in Divinity at Mount Saint Mary University and Seminary and ordination in 2004, he has worked with homeless children on the streets of several metropolitan cities in the States and in twenty-one other countries around the word. 

His passion and perseverance to inculcate hope in the hopeless led Father Martino to establish OBV in 2008 to serve as the champion for the Vietnamese children who are trafficked and enslaved as sex workers in brothels around Southeast Asia.  He has personally rescued children from brothels and is one of the few pioneers to bring international awareness to this social issue.  He has published numerous articles, presented at multiple national conventions, and appeared on various TV and radio shows. 

In addition to spearheading OBV, Father Martino also serves as the Vice Chaplain General of Academic Affairs for the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society in America.  He is known as one of the most dynamic trainers/chaplains among the twenty thousand members.  He is also a well-known retreat master for young adults among the Vietnamese and American community across United States, Canada and Asia!

Aside from his volunteer work, Father Martino is currently a full time pastor at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Americus, Georgia and its mission, Saint Michael in Montezuma, Georgia.  He is also a member of the Savannah Diocese’s Presbyterate Council and Personnel Board.  He aspires to strengthen the Catholic’s faith and is on an endless pursuit to bring people closer to God.   

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Maria Nguyen Cong


Maria Nguyen Cong, Board Member

Maria is a first generation Vietnamese American, having been born and raised here in the United States.  Retaining the best of both cultures is her lifelong goal, culminating in her fluency in both languages and customs.  She is an engineer at a biomedical device company in Minnesota, and is involved in the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Group at both the regional and local levels in her spare time.  

Maria is passionate about sharing her talents for the betterment of the lives of the youth around her through youth ministry, teaching, music, and dance. This passion has led her to involvement in One Body Village, serving as Secretary, as well as an advocate for the rights of the youth overseas.

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Duong Hoang, PhD; Former Board Member

Conceived in Vietnam – born in a Refugee camp – came to the US as an infant, Dr. Vu’s erratic beginning was the cultivation to her lifelong passion in helping children.      

Dr. Vu graduated as valedictorian from High School and magna cum laude from Wichita State University with a dual degree in Chemistry and Spanish.  Following graduation, she spent a year volunteering full time at the Covenant House, a faith based shelter for homeless and runaway children in Atlantic City, NJ.  This experience reinforced her passion in helping less fortunate children.  Using her gifted talent, she continued her studies at the University of Kansas, School of Medicine.  Dr. Vu completed her Family Medicine training at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. 

She practices in Atlanta while following her role model, Mother Theresa, in becoming a “mother” to the homeless children in third world countries.