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Sunday, 27 March 2016 00:00

Do not neglect your hometown

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Responding to the call of Vinh Trung parish's priest, Bridge to Happiness Center had a seminar about the topic: "How to protect your children in modern time" for the parents over there.

Vinh Trung parish's priest, Doctor Nguyen Duy An -- Ex-President of One Body Village, Mr. Nguyen Van Binh -- Ex-President of Bridge to Happiness Center (OBV Vietnam) and psychologist Pham Sy were there for the seminar.

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Wednesday, 02 March 2016 00:00

Together We Learn

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Leaving Ho Chi Minh City for students and their parents at Vinh Loi, Vinh Hung, Long An Province, psychologists and educators of Bridge to Happiness Center departured when everyone inthe city had been still asleep. Leaving the city behind, our bus started its journey to the west of Long An Province. We saw some places like Tan An, Thu Thua, Ben Luc,... going pass our bus windows.

After 3-hour trip, we saw a big board written in Vietnamese and Cambodian: The border gate Binh Hiep. We turned left and drove more than 2 hours to get to Vinh Hung town. The topic of the seminar with students this time was: "Learning – Happiness and Burden". There were quizzes in the seminar. Not only the teachers and students but also people in People's Committee of the District participated passionately in the seminar.

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At the end of June, 2013, Bridge to Happiness Center held a training course for parents at Vinh Trung Parish – Binh Gia District – Ba Ria Vung Tau Diocese. This course was an annual activity of the Center in providing knowledge, skills and improving awareness for parents in educating kids and keeping family's happiness.

Before attending the training course, every learner was checked for participation and all of them received learner cards from the organizer. According to the parish's priest, all the learners are people with good personality in Vinh Trung parish.

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Sunday, 21 February 2016 00:00

A Journey Diary

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Photos "Love Journey" at Phuoc Lam parish - Ba Ria Vung Tau

Photos "Love Journey" at Lai On parish - Dong Nai

Photos "Love For Keep" at Bui Mon parish - Sai Gon

At 12:30 Pm on January 1st, 2011, we departed HCM city on our "Love Connection Journey" to Phuoc Lam parish, Ba Ria, Vung Tau. Journey participants include Father Nguyen Ba Thong, the psychologists, the educators, the medical doctors, and the collaborators of the Bridge to Happiness Center. Our journey departed from HCM city to Phuoc Lam parish, Our Lady of Bai Dau, and our final destination was Lai On parish, Ho Nai, Dong Nai.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015 00:00

Workers and the Language of Love

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"Have you ever thought that both of you are Kinh people but you can't understand the other's language?". This question was asked to start a seminar about the topic love before marriage in the apartment area at Thanh Loc Ward, District 12 with the audience of about 200 workers. The seminar was held by The Worker Department-Ho Chi Minh City Communist Youth Union, cooperated with the Bridge to Happiness Center (Trung Tâm Nhịp Cầu Hạnh Phúc) on May 25th, 2012.The speakers were Ms. Pham Thi Thuy (National Academy of Public Administration) and Father. Nguyen Ba Thong.

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On the morning of March 21, 2015, Trung Tâm Nhịp Cầu Hạnh Phúc (Bridge to Happiness Center) held two workshops with the topic of "The Prevention of Sexual Exploitation in Children" with the students attending the "Classes of Love" at the La Salle school in 7th district in Ho Chi Minh City. These students – ranging from ages of 6 to 16, and ranging from first graders to fifth graders – come from less fortunate families in the area.

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Picture date taken 2-9-2015

This morning, our office has a meeting after the completion of our program, which is a propagation of anti-child sexual exploitation for students in 50 schools of District 12, Hoc Mon District and District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. These districts, far away from the city center, are areas of poor workers from other provinces. In these districts, there have been numerous cases of sexual abuse of young boys and girls over the years. Thus, OBV Vietnam has given the students basic knowledge so they can protect themselves and their friends before the risk of child sexual exploitation.

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Picture date taken 2-4-2015

We had an opportunity to visit Long Binh and Long Thanh My district 9 elementary school to organize a special education life skills lesson in three days for student in the age of 9 and 10. The lesson was included in our program, in which we operated 50 classes with the main topic of "Prevent sexual exploitation of children".

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Friday, 09 May 2014 00:00

Encounter at Soc Trang

An invitation from Ms Loan – missionary leader at Soc Trang Province, was a friendly and enthusiasm collaborator. On 24th and 25th of April 2014, the Bridge to Happiness Center had organized a two-day seminar with Soc Trang residents in regular training program "Parenting skills". Each session had lasted in one day.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014 19:33

One voice – One Life Save

Training Workshop is kicked off in the morning, everyone are acquainting with each other.

As scheduled at 5PM on March 21, 2014, the delegation departed to Can Tho for the two-day training of "Parenting Skills". The training location will take place at 'Our Lady Mary' Parish with 50 participants including Catholics and non-Catholics.

The parish had been led by Father Vincent Tho Van Vo - a priest who came from poverty chose the path to God and committed his lifetime to serving others, serving the poor with practical deeds, his own life and in the lyrics, in singing. Yes, he has usually known under the musician Priest nickname Thai Nguyen.

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