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Thursday, 12 December 2013 20:36

Dream Wings

Combined with the training program in Soc Trang, OBV Vietnam has donated a bicycle for an outreach case that we previously visited.

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Thursday, 05 December 2013 00:00

A Stolen Childhood!


Through a source from a reporter of NLD Magazine, OBV Vietnam has investigated and verified a case of a four year old girl was sexually assaulted server times.

After getting the information from investigating agency, OBV Vietnam has come and met Ms. T.T.V - the young girl's mother.

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Mr The Khanh – Project Manager at Viet Nam – with the father and daughter at their home in Ha Noi

Last week, OBV was very happy to welcome the new 15 year-old member to our house.  This happened after we visited her family's house in Ha Noi.  For many reasons, OBV Viet Nam decided to transfer her to Sai Gon.  This would separate her from the old environment and help her to forget the past and reintergrate into the new environment.  Although having other heavy obligations with family, her father still accompanied her, overcoming the 3500 km distance to settle her into OBV organization.

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Sunday, 08 September 2013 14:39

The Trip to Hanoi


The house of Be T.'s family

Receiving information from a priest with close ties with Vietnam OBV organization, we have arranged a trips to Hanoi to visit the children's families and to verify the information.

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Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

Sóc Trăng Story!


While I was in midway through parenting skills presentations in Soc Trang with other co-wokers, I received news that a child needed OBV help. Therefore, I went to the child's house together with a friend from the Women Association in order to verify the news.

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Monday, 15 April 2013 00:00

New chapter of life


Father Martino with A.T.

In the past when Father Martino wanted to bring me to OBV, I denied the suggestion because I did not want to be far away from my family, be separated and be in a different environment, because it would make me to remember the past.  Furthermore, I did not want to receive too much help from others….Those were my thinking back then.

However, meeting with children from OBV house through various activities and events have changed my mind.  Gradually, I have realized that the help and protection from Father, Sisters and OBV staffs are totally different from previous experiences.

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OBV jus received a child through the introduction of Archdiocese Caritas Saigon.
When we talked with her mom, we got to know that her family situation was so tragical that the mom had intended to apostatize as the Cross God gave her was too heavy. She prayed to Mother Mary, if Mother Mary hadn't helped, she would apostatize and send her daughter to a house in a pagoda. Luckily, as Mr Huynh Truong, her catechist, knowing her situation, came to Caritas office to ask for help.

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I have tried to write this article about K many times and have deleted many times because I do not have the courage to write about her because her memories contain too much pain. 

During the 2012 mission trip that Fr. Martino organized, there was a presentation at St. Paul church; the staffs there informed us of K‘s situation. K’s situation was one of the situations that required our immediate attention. Two of our directors along with Dr. Sy Pham went to K’s house and it was quite a journey. 

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Sunday, 18 March 2012 19:55

And just like that, she came Home

“House of Love- OBV” will light up their dreams and make them become a reality

The first story: “I’m in pain, lots of pain, I can’t sit!”


We know and find her through information from a newspaper:


“Taking her 6 year old daughter to six different hospitals in the city, visits to the many police departments, pleading to have her daughter examine because she was raped. But the sad mother only received rejection while her daughter is in excruciating pain…

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Monday, 24 October 2011 22:52

Short song - Blending in

Rescue and take the child to OBV House



We have been anxiously waiting for the arrival of a new member to our house. We have two new members joining us this week, one child who’s 10 from Province C. and another girl who’s almost 13 years old from Province B.. Different plants bloom different flowers just as every family has its own situation, none are the same. But the similarities are they are our focus and all of their situations are heartbreaking.

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