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Sunday, 08 September 2013 16:06

Welcome a New Child to OBV

OBV family in Cambodia has warmly welcomed a new member – S.P. She’s 16 years old and she’s now the oldest girl in the family.

The other children are very happy to have a new sister. Because of the circumstance, S.P had to stop her from studying long time ago. Now when the children study together, they help S.P in reading. They keep telling her their activities at school, their Daddy Thong and their lives at OBV. They also instruct S.P how to use things at home. Therefore, in spite of feeling strange to everything, S.P doesn’t feel homesick or cry for a week as the other children used to.

Hope she will soon integrate and have a happy life.



Translated by Tho Nguyen. Original version in Vietnamese entitled "Nhà OBV Campuchia Chào Đón Thành Viên Mới"

Published in OBV Children

I felt sadness looking at the little girl. I feel resentment towards her mother and sisters.

M. lives in Arey-ksath, her family practice Buddhism, orphaned by her father at a young age. They are of Vietnamese origin and very poor. A year ago, she was still a little child with runny nose. But now she is a 14 year old developing girl.

Published in OBV Children
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