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The Board of Directors of OBV USA consists of 3 members: Thomas T. Nguyen, Psy.D., LP (Chair of the Board of Directors); Mrs. Linh Đỗ, JD (Secretary); Mr. Thể Minh Đào (Member). Father Martino Nguyễn Bá-Thông serves as the advisor and spiritual leader to the Board of Directors of OBV USA.

Board of Directors

Thomas T. Nguyen, Psy.D., LP (Chair of the Board of Directors)

Dr. Thomas Nguyen is a licensed psychologist in the state of Minnesota. He is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas (MN) with a doctorate in counseling psychology. He currently serves as the clinical training director and a senior psychologist at the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, a non-profit organization in St. Paul, Minnesota. Besides from his clinical duty, Dr. Nguyen is responsible for training clinical students, including students from the school of pharmacy and school of nursing, to provide integrated health services within the community mental health setting. Dr. Nguyen is passionate about the refugee community. The majority of his work has been serving the Southeast Asian and the East African communities. He previously served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Karen Organization of Minnesota. 

Dr. Nguyen is happily married with two young children. He has been a longtime supporter of One Body Village and its mission since inception. He previously served as a consultant for OBV during the early phase of the organization. Dr. Nguyen is delighted to be able to use his talents to help OBV's mission as the 3rd chair of the Board of Directors of OBV-USA.

Mrs. Linh Đỗ, JD. (Secretary)

Ms. Do is an immigration lawyer who resides and practices in Atlanta, GA. As a third year law student, Ms. Do completed a summer legal internship in Vietnam and had the opportunity to visit OBV's Vietnam headquarter. After learning about OBV's work and activities and meeting with the children, Ms. Do promised Father Martino that when life settled down, she would gladly enlist as a member of the board. She is now happy to fulfill that promise. Ms. Do is married to her husband Tony and together they have one little cute angel named Noah. 

Mr. Thể Minh Đào (Member)

Mr. Dao rises to the ranking of business success as a self-learned from his teenagers years!  Right before his 20thbirthday, he became the general business manager of a multi-million dollars beauty supply chain!  He has been traveling around the world - meeting many business partners and making multi million dollars deals!  OBV is happy to have Mr. Dao on board and his business expertise and connection will surely help OBV long-term vision!  He is still single and happy with his life!

Father Martino Nguyễn Bá-Thông (Advisor & Spiritual Leader)

Rising from humble beginnings as a refugee from Vietnam, Father Martino became one of the youngest and reputable catholic priests among the Vietnamese enclaves in the U.S.  Long before completing his Seminary education and ordination in 2004, (since 1995) he has worked with homeless children on the streets of several metropolitan cities in the States and in twenty-one other countries around the word. 

His passion and perseverance to inculcate hope in the hopeless led Father Martino to work with children of Sex Trafficking and Exploitation in 1999!  In 2008 he establishes One Body Village (OBV) as a non-profit organization to serve as the champion for the Vietnamese children who are trafficked and enslaved as sex workers in brothels around Southeast Asia.  He has personally rescued children from brothels and is one of the few pioneers to bring international awareness to this social issue.  He has published numerous articles, presented at multiple national conventions, and appeared on various TV and radio shows. 

In addition to his spiritual advisor for OBV, Father Martino is currently a full time pastor of Saint Boniface Catholic Church in Springfield, GA (Diocese of Savannah – USA). He is also a well-known retreat master for young adults among the Vietnamese and American community across United States, Canada, Europe and Asia!

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