One Body Village - Who we are

About One Body Village

One Body Village (OBV) is a non-profit organization that works to protect and support Children Survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation.

When a case of children sexual abuse and exploitation is reported on the news, people often talk about how the perpetrator should be punished.

But, there is one thing we often forget: What about the children?
How will they heal and continue their life after such trauma?

At OBV, we care about the recovery and future of the Children Survivors.

Our history

Father Martino Nguyễn Bá Thông started OBV in 1999. Although he is no longer involved in day-to-day operations of OBV, Father Martino remains as an advisor and spiritual leader for the organization that he spearheaded almost 20 years ago. 

During his work with impoverished Cambodian children in 1999, young Martino encountered an appalling tragedy, children being forced into sex exploitation/trafficking.

These vile images pervaded young Martino's life, inspiring him to rally a group of friends to combat this inhumanity. These dedicated individuals convened in 1999 and created One Body Village.

OBV's name stemmed from a vision of hope to create a safe haven where rescued children may live, grow, and love one another in unity as "one body."

Because of its continued success in fighting and raising awareness in human sex exploitation/trafficking and its global support from people with similar vision, OBV was officially incorporated and was nationally recognized as a Non-Profit Organization (501c3) in November 2008.

OBV around the world

Over the years, with support from people in the USA, Australia and Canada, we have rescued and supported many children in Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries in Southeast Asia (SEA).

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